Inedible to Incredible

The above is to give you more information about the show I’m going to talk about.

So I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show with a bigger heart that fails in execution that Inedible to Incredible.

I love the thought behind it. People can’t cook, so a world-renowned chef John Besh ( shows them how to cook properly. So how do you go wrong from there?

First of all, the people here are getting taped by the submitters. They think they are being filmed for some show about wives who love to entertain. So rather than communicate with your wife and tell her you don’t like her cooking, you put her on a TV show where you expose that she can’t cook before a public audience.

It gets worse. The chef confronts them in a public forum. So one person is at a grocery store and this Besh fellow gets ON THE LOUDSPEAKER and announces to the whole person that they cannot cook. And with the class of “Cheaters,” they are confronted by their loved ones who tell them they can’t cook. Most of these people have taken it kindly, but a few look like they’re going to cry.

And then John Besh watches them cook (usually with no tact or compassion) and then improves their recipes and they improve. Blah, blah, blah. Lather, rinse, repeat.

This is just pure train-wreck television. It has the class of Jerry Springer.  “I’m sleeping with your sister.” “You chose to tell me on national television?”

If you enjoy train-wrecks, you will LOVE this show. If not, skip the first ten minutes. This show would be obsolete if people will be honest and just communicate with each other.

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