“King” James

Hello, everyone. I wanted to step back for a minute from the world of entertainment to rant on the Great (in his mind only) LeBron James.

First of all, who gives themselves a nickname? George Ruth did not call himself “Babe.” Willie Mays did not call himself the “Say Hey Kid.” You call yourself “King” James. The first person that came to my mind when I asked myself who gave themselves a nickname-“The Situation” of “Jersey Shore” fame.

Ok, LeBron, you are not that good. I’ve seen you play, but you are nowhere as good as you think you are. I’m glad you decided to become a free agent. I’m glad that you are making the best decision for you. But if you want to be an elite player, one of the all-time greats, you need to make yourself not look like an attention-hungry whore.

Name a player who acted like this during free agency. Did Michael Jordan? Wilt Chamberlain? Elgin Baylor? What about Kareem Abdul-Jabbar? Bill Russell? You want to be an all-time great? Act like it. What about Steve Nash? Dirk? Dwayne Wade? Kobe Bryant? Your ego is so huge, you feel the need to broadcast where you are going on a live ESPN special. Pathetic!

Now, there is another guilty party. ESPN, you are not getting away from me scott-free. If attention is LeBron’s heroin, you are the heroin dealer.  I hope you enjoy being a glorified American Idol results show. I will look up where he chooses after it’s all done. I think your network is pathetic for enabling this fool and LeBron, thank you for making me appreciate Kobe Bryant.

I am done with basketball for now. It’ll take me a while to regain interest after this whole fiasco.

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