Emmy Nominations are Out!!!

Ok, so the Emmy nominations are out.

I have so many I could talk about. I am proud of a lot of nominees (Archie Panjabi for “The Good Wife,” “The Good Wife,” “True Blood.”)

The first category I will break down in Best Drama. Here are your nominees

Breaking Bad
Mad Men
True Blood
The Good Wife

I am going to be honest. The only one I haven’t seen this season is “Breaking Bad.” And I really didn’t watch “Lost” except for the last 30 minutes to figure out what really happened. (And we know how THAT went.)

Dexter. What can I say about Dexter? It was simply one of the best shows on television. It had so many wtf moments. And say what you will about the last 5 minutes of the season, from start to finish, it was like a well-crafted symphony. I also can’t tell you when a drama made me feel the way Dexter did after this season was over. If I’m voting, this is my choice.

Mad Men. Mad Men is my pick to win. There were some things that turned me off about this show (The black face scene almost turned me off to the show forever.) I feel that the show spent some time floundering before actually going somewhere. I find it hard to sympathize with Don Draper when he can’t keep his thing in his pants and then his wife leaves him. And is there any more character as annoying as Betty? But there were some great wtf moments, such as the lawn mower scene and the bellboy making it with Sal. And that was one AWESOME season finale that we never saw coming. This was not the best season but I think it’ll take home the prize.

True Blood. True Blood is my favorite story of the year. This should have been nominated last year.  Vacant are the nominations for Anna Paquin, Rutina Wesley & Michelle Forbes. Great performances all around, incredible writing and probably the winner in quantity wtf moments. (Dexter wins the quality). Whenever their followers get nicknames (Truebies), you lost there is something to the show. (Ever heard of an Inplainsite? Or a Flash Forwardie?)

The Good Wife. Let’s give The Good Wife and Lost a little credit. They’re on a major network and just give great drama. They’re stopped by the restraints of major networks. And they don’t have to do things like push the envelope. It’s a drama that I can watch with my mom for the most part and not be embarrassed. It has everything great drama is built on. The Alicia vs. Cary feud, the partner breaking away, Will vs. Peter, the kids and mother-in-law. Plus, the character of Kalinda is one of the best on television. I don’t think this has any chances of winning but I’m very glad to see it nominated.

My pick to win: Mad Men

What I want to win: Dexter

Snubs: Chuck (if you count it a drama)

Fringe (Hello, journey into an alternate universe)

How to Make it in America



Real Housewives of New Jersey (Tell me that’s not the best drama on television.)

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