The Glades

Hi, everybody. We’ve had a few debuts over the past few days. The new show I wanted to do was A&E’s The Glades. A&E is not known for their scripted drama, though they’ve had some good, if not great, shows (“The Cleaner”, for one). So I started off with The Glades. I’m not exactly sure what I thought of it. My initial thoughts were hatred, but I wanted to wait the whole episode to give a fair opinion.

We’ve got a cast with relative unfamiliar faces (for me, at least). Matt Passmore, impressed me with the fact I didn’t know he was Australian (Did you hear that Rachel Weisz? He didn’t sound like he was a British guy trying to do an American accent).  Kiele Sanchez, (Nikki on “Lost.”), Carlos Gomez, who has appeared on the quintessential definitive list of shows the past 15 years (ER, Friends, 24, NCIS, The West Wing, NYPD Blue and Weeds), mostly in a guest role, and Uriah Shelton, who has appeared on “Monk” & “Trauma.” I’m not sure if he’s a guest star or not, but John Carroll Lynch did a great job in his role. I really like him. He’s such an “Everyman” and plays his roles so well.

Ok, so the show had some great positives. The story was great, and I thought it was a nice surprise at the end. The scenery is breath-taking. The first shot is a picturesque panorama of the Florida swamp. And I like the whole concept of the guy needing a change of pace and deciding to move from the big city to a “simpler” place that turns out to not be so simple. And enough cannot be said about Lynch’s portrayal.

To me, it also had that feel of a David Lynch-ish atmosphere, where you have scenic picturesque middle-town America and beneath it is the seedier, darker side. I love that when it is done right.

Now into what I don’t like. Matt Passmore’s character Jim is a total a-hole. He thinks that his golf game is more important than the case he gets called on. He questions the underage girl without parental support. If we’re going to do the “rules don’t apply to me guy,” there are tv shows that do it much better with more likable, complex characters (Greg House on “House, M.D.” and Patrick Jane on “The Mentalist.”) The teenage kid who smokes is equally unlikable.  I could really use less of him.

I have a hard time with romances based on women who are already married. I have a hard time rooting for somebody who is trying to break up a marriage. Shows like that just DO NOT WORK. (“Joey,” for one, “The Philanthropist” and lots of shows I can’t remember because of that.) The only time I can think of where it worked was “Frasier.”

I also come from Texas, so I don’t appreciate all the people in the “small city” being bush league and unprofessional. Instead of the hick cop, why don’t we have a good cop that puts him to shame? Why not a Lester Freamon from “The Wire?” What about a Gil Grissom from “CSI?”

Within the first 30 minutes, I had decided I was never going to watch the show again. By the end of it, I think I will give it another chance. I’d like to see where it goes.

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