Instant Replay

So I heard Jayson Stark this morning on Mike & Mike in the morning. They asked him about Instant Replay in baseball. Jayson Stark brought up his last conversation with Bud Selig where he asked him where they were on it one more time.  Selig said that he is open to discussing it but not changing it.

Now I don’t mind not having Instant Replay. It’s a VERY gray area. Human error is part of the game. And I don’t want the game to go on for 5 hours either. Of course, if you want fast-moving sports, you’re not following baseball. Sorry, but baseball is a game of wills and intellect. If you want a fast-paced game, watch basketball, soccer or hockey.

Here is what I do mind. His reasons for not wanting to change (according to Jayson Stark). The players and managers don’t want it.

Excuse me?

Ok, so the last time I checked, I don’t remember a player paying me to watch them play. I watched Nolan Ryan, George Brett, Jim Rice, Robin Yount, Ken Griffey, Jr. and some other real legends play. I don’t remember them ever paying me to watch a game.

So Bud, why are you listening to players and managers and executives? Why don’t you give us what THE FANS want? You know the fans. We’re the people buying the tickets and keeping it in business. I’m the guy who buys my Halladay jersey tee with my bonus. I take my mom, wife and daughter to go see the Cubs play the Rangers. I go to the Rangers winter fan festival. Why doesn’t my opinion count?

Selig, listen to your fans.

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