Rizzoli & Isles

I know this is late, but I thought I would give my opinion now on the new show Rizzoli & Isles.

So I watched the pilot last night. There are some things I like about it. To begin with, it is a very dark show. There is so much mystery going on, great atmosphere, it plays well. It boasts a very strong score as well. I like the cast. We’ve got Bruce McGill as the seasoned father figure cop (“Animal House,” “Elizabethtown,” “Exit Wounds”). For you Twi-hards, Billy Burke (Bella’s dad) has a guest-starring role. Chris Butler (“The Good Wife”) plays the tactless detective. And I really expect Lee Thompson Young (“Flash Forward”) to go onto big things. He had a nice look and can act really well.

And of course the best thing about this show is Sasha Alexander. She is delicate, dainty, feminine and so sexy. She is the one you want to take home to live forever with. She’s the good girl, the good friend and probably the character you would most want to marry. (Sorry, Alison DuBois & Joan on “Mad Men.”) I see this being a break-out role for her.

Now onto what I felt could have been improved. I love Angie Harmon. I really do. She’s tall, beautiful, Dallas native (except for that whole “married to a NY Giant” thing). She was one of those DA’s on Law & Order. (Doesn’t it seem like they used to grow those in an island somewhere?) But I see her being in an unfortunate type-casting rut. It’s like she picked up where she left off from “Women’s Murder Club.” There is nothing original or inspired about this character that we haven’t seen Angie do before.

Completely useless is her family. Jordan Bridges does fine in his role, but he is completely unnecessary. I blame that on the writing. And Lorraine Bracco. Academy Award Nominee for “Goodfellas.” 4-time Emmy Nominee for best actress in a lead dramatic role for “The Sopranos.” Is this my Dr. Melfi? I see a woman playing a thankless filler role that she isn’t really suited for. There is an 18-year difference between her and Angie Harmon. I don’t know if they’ll play on that in the show later, so I’ll allow it. Her role is horrible and they will need to sort some of it out. It’s like TNT signed her to a contract and really didn’t know what to do once they had her.

The last thing is that the show’s atmosphere might be a little too cheesy at times. It’s like they were trying a little too hard to be dramatic. Nothing replaces simple storylines with great acting. See Angie’s former roles.

I will stick with this show. Sasha Alexander might become one of my favorite actresses on tv after this. Enjoy.

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One Response to Rizzoli & Isles

  1. Bud Denney says:

    Nice review! It’s on my wife’s DVR list due to “Women’s Murder Club” the books and the show.

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