Annoying things people do on Twitter

Hello, I’ve swirled around some ideas for my next post and this one’s a tiny rant. To the people of Twitter, I love you. I love our conversations about weird horror, wrestling, MMA & my Phillies. A few of you (and most of them are people I don’t follow) drive me nuts. And so please bear with me while I rant about what you select few that drive me nuts do.

1. Asking a celebrity for a retweet. Ok, I know it would be really cool. I’d love for Chris Jericho, Michael Chiklis or Bill Cosby to acknowledge me with a retweet. But believe it or not, these celebrities have a lot of responsibilities. I have been responded to by a few celebrities: Leonard Weaver & Shawn Andrews, (Philadelphia Eagles) Alessandra Torresani, (Caprica star and secret crush) and Eddie McClintock (Pete on Warehouse 13). It was fun and exciting. As awesome as it was, my world does not hinge around it.

Even worse is the birthday plea. “Shane Carwin, my birthday is today. Can I get a retweet?” Is your life that lonely that you feel like you need to be retweeted by an MMA star on your birthday?

2. Asking a celebrity to follow you. The celebrity has chosen the people they want to follow. If the celebrity does not follow you, they have decided to follow other people or they simply do not know who you are yet. I love Kris Williams from “Ghosthunters.” I think she’s ridiculously hot and I love her personality from the hour I see of her on Ghosthunters once a week. As much as I’d lover her to follow me, I’ll live without it. She’s incredibly busy and since I do not know her in a social setting, I don’t expect her to follow me.

3. Asking for more followers. As I type this, I have 652 followers. I’m not doing this to show off or to play “Whose is longer?” I’ve worked hard to get my 652. My numbers will grow or they won’t. Your followers will come. Just say interesting things. Try to follow people when they follow you. People will come. Saying “I’m at 596 followers. Can you get me to 600?” Really? How much will your world change if you have 4 more followers?

Addendum: I do have to say I appreciate it if somebody says “So and so needs 4 followers to get to 600.”

So I know we’ve all done this. Just stay classy, my friends. All will happen as it should.

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