Hypocrisy on Twitter

Ok, so I’m trying to decide if I should write about this or let it go. I think my more evil side is winning here. So yesterday on Twitter, I was followed by somebody whose name was very Christian in nature. When I get a new follower, I click on their page and check out their profile. Around 99.9% of the time, I follow them. If they follow me, I might as well take the time to follow them back.

Well, upon looking at my new follower, I was curious to see what this person had to say. So I looked at their first Tweet. It said something about Patch Ministry in a link, so I decided to click on it. For those of you who may not know, Patch Ministry is a ministry founded by Dustin Pari (http://www.paranormalrockstar.com/index.html), who has been on shows such as “Ghosthunters” & “Ghosthunters International.”

Ok, I like Ghosthunters & GHI. I follow Dustin on Twitter, so I wanted to see some of what this article said.  What I saw was nothing more than people judging another person’s ministry. It would be one thing if there were legitimate facts to back it up. But they drew a bunch of conjectures and showed off very biased idiocy (for lack of a better word).

They spent more time concentrating on a verse in Levicitus, than they did looking at the fruit of his ministry.


Let’s think about this: Is Dustin Pari so threatening that your first tweet must be about how horrible he is? How many people are dying out there to hear that God loves them and died for their sins? Can we maybe start with this? Is it so bad that Hamlet 2 had a more spiritual and Christ-like message than your blog that you chose to link for your first tweet?

If you want to know somebody who does it right, check out this account:


They’re not perfect, but at least you feel uplifted when you see their tweets.

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