Why Michael Bisping Is the Biggest Douche in MMA

“I’m gonna beat akiyama then beat sonnen, he can’t do that to me. come on you salesman!!!! cos u can’t hold me down fag!”

Ok, these are the comments by Michael Bisping during Sonnen-Silva fight at UFC 117.

I already did not like Michael Bisping. I think he’s an English punk with an attitude of superiority.  I do think he is legitimately tough and has looked really good in the past. But I legitimately do not like the guy I see on TV. My daughter’s first knockout was Henderson on Bisping. (UFC 100, I believe)

Here’s what bothers me. So it’s become culturally taboo to hate on black people (Finally, even though it’s probably because we’re all trying to be Sandra Bullocks in our own private Blind Sides.). All the bigotry has manifested itself in other places. There is a rampant racism against Hispanic people (you tell me they’re pulling over illegal Irish immigrants in AZ?), Arabs/Muslims, and most shockingly, against the homosexual culture.

I don’t know about you, but Bisping’s comments really bother me. I have my own Christian background and I have my own opinions of homosexuality. For one, I think if we spent as much time praying for an Awakening in the gay community as we did criticizing or condemning the gay community, it might be a different issue. But if you look at the life of Jesus, Jesus was not a name-caller (except for people who were hypocrites). And if he saw the way that we treated most homosexuals, I’m sure he would weep for us, too.

When are we going to stop thinking of homosexuality as an insult? And when are we going to not fear homosexuals? And when are we going to stop grouping them into one category? Not all homosexuals are alike. This is 2010. When are we going to stop fearing what we don’t know?

If anybody wants to use a term for somebody who’s really douche-baggy, I am coining the term “Bisping.” Pop culture, let’s make it happen.

“nah, just kidding, sonnen did an awesome job, was nice to see silva tested, though he showed alot of heart”

Sorry, Bisping, too late. Enjoy your foot in your mouth. While you’re still deleting it, make sure you don’t drink and tweet.

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