MPX Wrestling-To Be King-8/21/2010

Well, I had a nice time at MPX Wrestling. Once I arrived with my sister-in-law to the parking lot, looking at the building, I wasn’t expecting Wrestlemania production values, or even ECW. Of course the door was not open at 7:30. But I guess if a wrestling company did start on time, space and time as we knew it would collapse in on itself.

The doors opened and we took our seats. Ok, Texas wrestling promoters. If you’re going to run shows in August, you either need to find more fans or something. It was extremely hot in there. Maybe hand fans that a local sponsor could provide. Or bottled water provided by a local business. I am concerned about older fans in that atmosphere.

Now onto my recap. It began with a tribute to Skandor Akbar. The man was a legend in Dallas and it was very classy. Then there was a recap of the last show. This was very good and very well-done for the budget. One of this company’s strengths is its storylines, so this was very important for them. Then there was a pre-recorded promo from champ Seph Annunaki rallying the troops. One thing that was a very glaring weakness was that he cut the promo with the wrestlers behind him. Shouldn’t you rally the troops facing them? I would have put Seph behind them and let them react to what he was saying.

The ring announer was wearing a t-shirt, cargo shorts & a backwards hat. If you were there, you wouldn’t have wished a suit on him for anything. The first match was “The Choice” Matt Andrews against $Payday$. Apparently, the ring announcer did not say his name right and Andrews cut a very good promo about the fact he was the best and shouldn’t have to fight to gain a spot on Team MPX.  Andrews is very good on the mic. He forgot to bring the rest of his body with him, but what he lacked in size and body, he made up in character and mic-work.

First match “The Choice” Matt Andrews vs. $Payday$

$Payday$ looks a lot like a smaller Rashad Evans. Payday came out with a good face presence. The crowd was dead, so he did what he could to rile us up. He has a nice body, probably not the height to make it on a larger-scale. I could see him being a good cruiserweight/X-division guy. I enjoyed their match. There was some Flair knife-edge chops (so it was nice getting to “Woo,” old-school ECW-style). And I saw Payday do some very innovative moves.

Winner: Matt Andrews

After the match, Genesis came out and did a first-class beat-down on Matt Andrews with a bat. One thing I appreciated during the night was that Payday sold his injury. It’s nice to know this company is doing the little things.

Ben Wylde vs. James Hawkes

This was the second qualifying match to face Genesis. Ben Wylde had a tie-dye shirt and James Hawkes had some great USA TapOut shorts. (I do not think that was an official endorsement.) This match was just there. I couldn’t see the story. We seemed to have face vs. face and there was some friendly stuff going back and forth. I would have liked to see the fight go from friend to heated with the two shaking hands afterwards. I think the guys’ work was fine. As a fan, I was confused. I needed more.

Winner: Hawkes 

We then had Mike Dolenz come out and notify the fans that he was going to be out with a blood clot. I kept on waiting for somebody to come out and attack him. It didn’t happen. This guy was wearing a long sleeve and khaki pants. With that heat, he was star of the night for doing that.

Kyle Valo vs. “Headbanger” Gregory James

Valo came out and did a promo before the match. Valo is kind of like a cross between Jason Schwartzman and Joshua Gomez (Morgan from “Chuck”). I love his gimmick. I don’t see it too much. His opponent was Gregory James. Personally, I believe every Headbanger in wrestling should wear skirts, but that’s just me. Valo’s style reminded me a lot of Genius/Andy Kaufmann/Larry Zbyzsko. And Gregory James looks like he has a punch card at the tattoo parlor. I don’t really see him as a face. I would put him as a heel, give him a girl and then come out talking about how he’s all that. Female ring girls should not be hard to come by. Godfather always did.

Winner: Gregory James

The final match before the intermission happened with Seph Annunaki cutting a promo where he was putting over his match with Lucha Lucha. The manager for Genesis came out and offered him a chance to join Genesis. After a quick no, his opponent Lucha Lucha came out.

Seph Annunaki (c) vs. Lucha Lucha in a non-title match

I tried to start the Ole chant for Lucha Lucha. The crowd was not “smart” enough to know El Generico references. The match went on for a while with some good action. Annunaki is a good bumper/seller. I did see some innovative moves from him. No, this was not London-Danielson, Flair-Steamboat or even Snitsky-Kane, but the two wrestlers gave everything in that ring. It was ended when a wrestler who I assume is WASP attacked Annunaki and then took the mic and called him out for something.

Winner: Annunaki via DQ

This was a first-class beat-down. The crowd seemed to be more fascinated by the fact he was wearing a pink shirt than the beat-down itself. We are far from a Philly ECW crowd. There was a mop beat down and Annunaki fell down right in front of me. In case anybody was curious, Annunaki has his tongue pierced. They went to an intermission and in a really classy move, most of the face wrestlers came out and signed autographs. Payday continued to sell his injury. Gregory James mingled in the crowd and said hello to us. I actually won a raffle. I never win anything. I won a t-shirt autographed by the MPX boys. That was fun.

After the intermission Viktor Tadlock came out first and then his opponent Scott Murdoch came out. Tadlock took the microphone and told the referee to massage his shoulders. He then proceeded to tell a story about something. During the course of this story, you had Murdoch switch places with the referee, so you had the heel moment of “Oh, crap.”

Viktor Tadlock vs. Scott Murdoch

Tadlock is a veteran that’s been around D/FW scene for a while. Murdoch is a very thick wrestler. I was surprised by his agility for his size. It was a nice, long match designed to take our mind off the main event. Tadlock won with a low-blow the referee missed.

Winner: Tadlock

Main event: Genesis vs. Seph Annunaki, Matt Andrews, James Hawke & Gregory James

So this match told a great story. After a few wrestlers were eliminated, you saw they were going for the moment of the manager (about at the level of a Don Callis) was the only one left. One member of Genesis was eliminated after a few seconds. That always bothers me a little bit. The moment of the match (and the night for that matter) came when Kris Haiden hit a Van Terminator. It was down to Annunaki and the manager when Matt Andrews told Annunaki he wanted to hit the manager. Seph turned his back and I yelled “Here comes the heel turn.” Matt Andrews unleashed a beatdown.

Winner: Genesis

It turns out the baseball bat beatdown was not so much of a beatdown considering the bat was plastic. This was very reminiscent of the Curt Hennig Fall Brawl angle/match. I got to hand it to them. The angle was well-done and Genesis promised the next show was going to be Matt Andrews Appreciation night. Since Genesis won control of the company, they fired everybody and kicked out the fans.

A great night and I look forward to seeing them in action again.

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