Manifesto for Wrestling Change Part I

There is a right way to entertain wrestling fans. There are some things that bother me about wrestling, which I need to share. I have no idea if anybody else will ever read this, but I feel it needs to be said.

We need to stop the violence against women. I became a father 14 and a half months ago. Not that I wasn’t against this before, but being a father made me take a whole new perspective. When the women are paraded out in their skimpy clothing, I think it’s great until I think that is somebody’s little girl. Now that I’ve completely lost my zeal for looking at women with little clothing (aka, I’m not going to come down on UFC/Strikeforce for having Octagon girls), but that is a question I ask myself now.

Promoters, we need to class ourselves up. Now, if you run an organization that is run primarily for adults, it’s all good if you want to have wet t-shirt contests, women flashing the crowd, all that fun stuff. If you choose to do that, keep the kids away.

But I don’t care what type of company you run, there is no excuse for a male wrestler ever to put his hands on a woman. Some things are not funny. Some things are not acceptable. When I go to wrestling, I do not go to see things that bring me back to real life. I don’t go to watch miscarriages (Kane & Lita), marriages break up (Mongo & Debra) or wrestlers giving people concussions (Randy Orton & the like). I don’t want to see a wrestler beat up women. That is not entertainment for me. Ever.

Now am I not saying that we get rid of women managers and valets. What would wrestling have been without Miss Elizabeth, Baby Doll or Nancy “Woman” Benoit? A woman valet, especially one good on the mic, can add so much to a wrestler, like The Macho Man, Marc Mero or Diamond Dallas Page. But what I didn’t like was Tommy Dreamer piledriving Chastity or Francine, Brock Lesnar beating up Stephanie McMahon or even Andy Kaufman (That one hurt.).

This past weekend I was watching AAA. There is an inter-gender belt. The main wrestlers feuding for this are Aerostar, Faby Apache, Christina von Eerie & Alex Kozlov. I get it that you’re making Kozlov a heel by having him try to fight Faby. I could have lived without the “low blow.” It’s not ok to beat up a woman. It wasn’t ok when Hogan held Miss Elizabeth while they spray-painted Savage, it wasn’t ok when Tommy Dreamer piledrove chastity, it wasn’t ok when Rhino piledrove Lori Fullington, it wasn’t ok when Vince fought Stephanie and it wasn’t ok when Kozlov “low-blowed” Faby.

Promoters, think of the advantages. If a wrestler hits a woman, that can be an automatic suspension. So you don’t have to do the fake injury angle. You have the drama of Hulk Hogan trying to decide to hit the valet or not. And when the wrestler continually gets beat up by the woman and his rival, you give him the female face wrestler coming in a nice push and strong rub.

Wrestling promoters and bookers, don’t try to fall into the easy road. Try to take the high road.

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