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Lessons Pro Wrestling Should Take From MMA

During the days of the Attitude/nWo era, it was possible to watch 14 hours of wrestling on TV per week. And you wanted more. You’d get up on Saturday morning to watch the TBS show and if the Braves interrupted … Continue reading

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WEC 51 Preview

After UFC 119, I am 6 for 11 all-time (.545 winning percentage; good enough to make the NBA playoffs in the Eastern Conference). If you’ve never seen WEC, they are a very strong organization and worth checking out. They are … Continue reading

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MPX Wrestling-Matt Andrews Appreciation Night 9-25-10

Well, I took my sister-in-law and her friend (the lovely Mrs. Eagle) to a night of MPX Wrestling. After the last time, how could I NOT witness Matt Andrews Appreciation Night? Is it worth the $8? Absolutely. This is a … Continue reading

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UFC 119 Preview

Well, after Ultimate Fight Night, my predictions are 1 or 4 (not to mention thinking Palhares was going to rise up and be a star rather than calling for greasing while getting knocked out). So up coming is UFC 119. … Continue reading

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Nominated to leave the Human Race

I get it, People. I really do. College football is a religion. I grew up watching my Aggies. I’ve changed favorite teams in every major sport at least once (and some I no longer have a favorite team at all) … Continue reading

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A Crucial/Over-looked Part of a Wrestling Organization

So I went to a Christian wrestling organization this weekend for the first time. I was going to do a full blog talking about all the wrestlers, their work, their promos, their booking, etc. But am I going to criticize … Continue reading

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The UFC’s Hall of Shame

Do you remember what I said about Palhares before last night? Here, let me remind you: “Every once in a while, a fight comes along where something just smells like it will be a star-making career night. I think this … Continue reading

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UFC Fight Night 22 Preview

Upcoming on September 15 will be UFC Fight Night 22. This will be the precursor to the new season of the Ultimate Fighter. (From somebody who lives and breathes by their DVR, this never goes the 2 hours. It always … Continue reading

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UFC and Christianity: Friends or Foes?

“How should we as Baptists regard the growing popularity of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)? Simply put, we should hate it.” And thus begins an article by Adam Groza, the “vice-president of enrollment and student services … Continue reading

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