Who I Would Build a Wrestling Company Around…

So this has been a difficult blog for me to write. Naming only 5 people has been challenging. I looked at so many factors here. There are so many big names, but some I wouldn’t choose because of injuries, attitude or age. I’m looking at somebody that will be the foundation of my wrestling company for 10 years. I also went over the entire rosters of WWE, TNA, ROH & AAA for making my decision. So without further adieu, here they are.

5. Jack Evans-Right now Jack Evans wrestles in AAA. I really like Evans’ look. And if you’ve never seen what he can do in the ring, you are missing something. He wrestles with the fluidity of Rob Van Dam & Jeff Hardy. RVD did not make this list mostly because of his age and Hardy is Hardy. He’s good at what he does but is by no means one you want to anchor a company around. Jack Evans makes the girls scream, the guys sit back in awe and will amaze the kids at what he can do. This is somebody who can and will sell merchandise.

4. AJ Styles-For the most part, TNA has tried to build their company around him. But TNA has had so many problems, they could never really make him the focus. I saw AJ live once. He is electric, gets crowds going and has a great natural charisma. 3 seconds coming to the ring, my wife turned to me and said, “He’s pretty.” Also, outside the ring, he’s great to fans and a reason to support the show.

3. MVP-Yes, you read me correctly. I would build my company around Montel Vontavious Porter. I think the WWE has done an “ok” job with him. But they haven’t come within one-tenth of his potential. MVP has a different look. He looks like an athlete. When I watch him, I feel like I’m watching an NFL prospect at the combine. He’s a student of the game and spends lots of time trying to learn it and perfect it. I want that work ethic. He is also great on the mic, very over with the crowd (look at the number of people doing the “baller” thing in the crowd). He is a little older, but he has so many personal stories to tell. His story is one of redemption and turning your life around. MVP has a different look and I think would get the respect of the kids and the adults alike.

2. Ezekiel Jackson-Big Zeke. If I were booking Big Zeke, I would bring in Brian Kendrick, give him the title and have Zeke be his bodyguard. Then after Kendrick lost the belt, I would have him slap around Zeke until he snapped back. And thus would have begun the legendary career of Ezekiel Jackson. This isn’t hard. This is the Diesel-Shawn Michaels storyline. Ezekiel Jackson is on the cusp of something great. He has amazing facials, great charisma and looks like he will snap you in half with a glance. And forgive me for playing the race card, but Ezekiel Jackson could bring in a larger African-American crowd. Booked smartly, he would be a great draw and be somebody the kids could idolize.

1. Hernandez-Perhaps I’m a little biased. Hernandez came from Texas and worked the indies where I came from. He is a total specimen of hugeness.¬† The major wrestling organizations love their larger-than-life figures. There are fewer that have that larger-than-life persona. Hernandez is in many ways a total package. Huge, charismatic, great on the mic. Plus, most guys of his stature are unable to move with the agility he can. Guys respect him, women adore him (You know who you are) and the kids would love him. And forgive me for more racial carding and stereotyping, but Hispanic fans are very loyal and since the passing of Eddie Guerrero, the only major name for the Hispanic audience is Rey Mysterio, Jr. This man should be headlining PPV’s.

I’m sure you will all have your own choices. I hope you agree/disagree. I would love to hear yours as well.

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One Response to Who I Would Build a Wrestling Company Around…

  1. jacob cass says:

    What u should do is bring back the cruisherweight title and bring in in that highflying deathdefing arileasult

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