MMA Halloween Ideas

So I know. You’re reading this on Halloween ideas because you don’t have any ideas left. Never fear, the world of MMA is here.

Here are some MMA Halloween ideas:

Dana White– This is probably one of the easiest to do. Shave your head or wear a skullcap. Then wear a tight t-shirt or a jacket and a button-down shirt and you’ve got the Dana White look. F-bombs are optional.

Josh Koscheck– This is pretty fun to do. You got to a wig store and get the blond curly afro wig. If you want to, you can park your car really close to everybody else’s. And of course, you can walk around and pretend to poke your eye. If you can find the wig (and of course, that color does not exist in nature), it’s a good look.

Kimbo Slice-How is Kimbo Slice not a costume in the making? You need the grill. And then the beard. And then the bald head. And this would definitely be recognizable.

Tito Ortiz-This would be a nice one. You run your mouth for most of the night, burr your hair and dye it a blond color that doesn’t exist in nature. Before the costume contest, you all of a sudden experience a neck injury and have to withdraw. If you have a +1, the person can dress like a porn star, get a black eye and call herself Jenna Jameson.

GSP-This would be another fun one to do. Shaved/burred head or skull cap and then an Under Armour body suit. Maybe try speaking in a French Canadian accent.

Brock Lesnar-This will be another fun easy one. Show up with a little boy’s flaptop. Get one of those muscle t-shirts and draw Brock’s tattoos on it. Or you can wear a Unabomber hoodie. Or a Vikings jersey. And for the win, carry around a Corona & burrito.

Rampage Jackson-This would probably be one of the most fun. Wear an Affliction or TapOut t-shirt. You must do the chain. Then make sure you do LOTS of poses and charismatic face shots. And then you must touch all man-boobs you see. If you want to do another angle, try B.A. Baracus from the A-Team. Camo and mohawk and you’re good.

Dan Hardy-This would be fun. Do a mohawk, dye it another weird color that does not exist in nature and then look like you belong in a Mad Max film. If you can find the shark teeth mouth-guard, that would complete the outfit.

Clay Guida-If you read my blog often, you know I love Efrain Escudero and Clay Guida. Guida is quite possibly the easiest to do. You get a dark, curly wig and wear a t-shirt. For more of an effect, you can always do a bloody face. If you’re doing more than one party, slip on a robe and you’ve got Jesus the next night.

Roy Nelson-I know what you’re thinking. “These are all great, but I don’t have the body to pull off the GSP or the Clay Guida.” Be at peace; this is the costume for you. “My belly enters the room three days before I do.” Relax, so does Roy Nelson’s belly. “But I can’t walk around without a shirt.” Big Country does. To complete the outfit, find a reddish mullet.

Court McGee-This is pretty simple. Kimbo Slice for white people. If you can find the beard, you will have awesomeness. This may not be as recognizable, but if you’re going to a place with lots of MMA fans, they may appreciate this.

Forrest Griffin-This would be fun. You get some big ears (that was really easy back when Ross Perot was running for President, though I looked more like Alfred E. Neuman), an Affliction/TapOut t-shirt and several cuts on the face (Doesn’t he always seem to have one?).

Chuck Liddell-This will require a little bit of preparation. You’ve gotta get the trademark haircut. If you have a little belly, it’s good. For the bigger belly, see Roy Nelson. You need the goatee. And if you wanted to go the “Dancing With the Stars” route, there’s always the Latin dancing outfits you can do.

MMA woman-You must wear corn rows. That is the number one rule of female MMA fighters. You must do the sports bra top and then really baggy shorts.

Arianny Celeste-If you have the body to pull off Arianny Celeste, God bless you. You wear the black bikini. At random moments, you walk around with cards with numbers up (but never more than 5). When you’re not doing such, you sit in a folding chair near the center of the party wearing a coat and drinking bottled water.

Who did I miss? What are yours? Post pictures if you can.

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