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Billy Martin: Hall of Fame or Not?

When I think of the name Billy Martin, I think of this clip from Seinfeld. Billy Martin was a larger-than-life fiery manager. Why he belongs: Few managers ever achieve iconic status. Think of an iconic manager. Off the top of … Continue reading

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Leslie Nielsen-RIP

This is deeply and intensely personal. I’m not sure that I will ever share this publicly, but this may be for my own catharsis. Leslie Nielsen was an actor who meant a lot to me. As a kid, I would … Continue reading

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Things I Am Thankful For-MMA Edition

Ultimate Fighter-Thank God for Bruce LeRoy, Jamie Yeager & Junie Browning. These are the guys who keep us glued to the tv satisfying our need for total drama. And then they have at least one fight a week to satisfy … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Dana White

Dear Mr. White, I know you will probably never read this letter, but I think this needs to be said as an MMA blogger, MMA fan and a father. If you ever do read this, I sincerely hope that you … Continue reading

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NTUF Review

Well, my dad and I had lots of fun. We got there at 4 when the doors opened and got to stake out our seats. We were front row, middle of the cage. For two hours, we got to “people … Continue reading

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North Texas Ultimate Fighting: Annihilation

On Saturday, November 20,  North Texas Ultimate Fighting will bring us Annihilation. This 15-fight card will showcase some of the up-and-coming MMA fighters in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Andre Kavanaugh (5-5) Vs Evan Cutts (3-1) (170 Pound Title Fight) So … Continue reading

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George Steinbrenner: Hall of Fame or Not?

First of all, before you read this, I must give you a quick disclaimer. I hate the New York Yankees. I do not like the team. I dislike most of the players. And I know that not all of them … Continue reading

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MPX Consequences 11-13-10

MPX Consequences is in the books. It is fun getting to see these workers mature. Initial thoughts: Best show MPX has put forth. I sat with my sister-in-law and some of the wrestlers’ girlfriends. The company has every wrestling company … Continue reading

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UFC 122

Ok, so after UFC 121, I am at .500 (16 for 32). Not pretty, but I’ll live. I’m pretty excited about this card, as it’s a lot more stacked than the usual UFC foreign cards. This should be a nice … Continue reading

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Where to See the Future of MMA

One of my favorite wrestlers to watch is the WWE’s Vance Archer (Lance Hoyt). He’s a huge guy, amazing size, great charisma and good agility for somebody of his size. Now, you may ask, with the depth of the WWE … Continue reading

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