MPX Consequences 11-13-10

MPX Consequences is in the books. It is fun getting to see these workers mature. Initial thoughts: Best show MPX has put forth. I sat with my sister-in-law and some of the wrestlers’ girlfriends. The company has every wrestling company beat with opening the door and starting on time. The crowd seemed very quiet as we were waiting for everything to start. I was a little worried that the crowd might be dead. But there were some passionate fans who got into it. So it wasn’t just me trying to bring life into a dead crowd.

We began with Kate giving the introduction. Genesis was quick to interrupt and call Kate a “wench” and “hussy.” Fun ways of insulting her without raising my ire over violence to women. Kristopher Haiden and Matt Andrews took the mic and lamented over the duct tape incident from the previous show. Haiden said that since James Hawke and Ryan Gauge wanted to have an exhibition match against each other, they could fight against real talent.

First match: Kris Haiden & Matt Andrews w/Kyle Davis vs. James Hawke & Ryan Gauge

I’m not sure who deserves the credit for this. Andrews & Hawke are maturing very nicely. Haiden has been in the business for quite some time and walked the three through a good match. Matt Andrews is adopting a heelish style where he stomps on the wrestler and feeds off the crowd. The one who really surprised me was Ryan Gauge. Gauge is a referee that has begun to get involved in the matches. I do not think that he has the size to ever make it on a large stage. But I think that he will continue to grow as a nice worker. He could be an indy mainstay for a long time. He played the face in peril very well. I’m intrigued at what possibilities I see there. A nice, long match. It ended with Matt Andrews getting the pin.

Winner: Andrews & Haiden

Genesis fired Hawke after the match. Then they said they were keeping Ryan around as an errand boy. They made him get on his hands & knees and crawl to the back. Nice heel heat. Out next came Ca$h & Carry. The crowd that was in love with the sweater vest was not there tonight. But nevertheless, the Moneyman brought out Lucha. He challenged him to a match that if he won, then he would be forgiven his debts. (Line of the night: “We told you not to bet on the Cowboys.”)

Second match: Lucha Lucha vs. Muscle w/Moneyman & His Sweatervest  (I think that’s what they’re called)

Lucha is coming along just fine. I’d like to hear Lucha’s music be a little more Tejano-ish. I don’t know how many matches Muscle has ever had, so I will say that the match was decent. I’d like to see the Moneyman get involved a little bit more in the crowd. The best managers are the ones who keep the crowd involved. The match ended when Moneyman attacked Lucha with his cane and the ref called the match.

Winner: Lucha by DQ

I was completely dreading this feud. So far, so good. Then Ben Wylde went to his rescue and cleaned gambling house. I actually don’t mind DQ finishes; my glory days of wrestling is ’96 when Flair had the belt and made “Hardwork” Bobby Walker look like he was going to beat him on a Saturday morning TBS show. There were tons of DQ finishes there. I think I need to say that before I discuss the next match.

Third Match: Frankie Fisher vs. Gregory James in a Schoolyard Match

Before I tear into this match, let me say that I like the concept. Anything in a school was legal. So we had some nice plunder. For plunder matches, I suggest watching old ECW New Jack matches. That guy knew how to bring the plunder. Every night of wrestling seems to have their MVP. Tonight was the night for Frankie to be MVP. Now, needless to say, I didn’t have moments where I didn’t give him a hard time. And I was in the precarious position of sitting in front of his girlfriend, so when I yelled Perez Hilton references (which my sister-in-law agreed with me), I would turn around and whisper, “Sorry.” But enough about his appearance, as a wrestler, he brought it. He sold his butt off, bumped like crazy and even did a blade job. No wrestler gets hate from me when they do that.

This was the finish. Frankie grabbed the mic and said he was done with James. James was fired.

Winner: WTF?!?

Again, the night was filled with screwjob and DQ finishes. (Thank God no ref bumps.) But this one was awful. I see what they were trying to do here. Frankie couldn’t beat him no matter what he did, so he fired him. But there was no finish to this match. It’s one thing to have a DQ or double-countout. It’s another thing to not finish a match at all. Maybe it sounded better in their heads, but it did NOT translate well. My sister-in-law even learned a few words she didn’t know I knew. It reminded me a lot of Mind Games ’96 with Shawn Michaels vs. Mankind. That was a great match that is notorious for having an awful finish. This left me with a very empty feeling.

After the intermission, we had a match with a lot of build-up. We had a vignette I understood better. Basically, WASP was explaining that the briefcase would be handcuffed to Valo.

Fourth match: WASP w/Kyle Valo vs. $Payday$ in a $10,000 challenge

The briefcase was hanging on a pole. I know what you’re asking, but no, there were no Judy Bagwell sightings. WASP understands how to do a bump. When he takes a bump, it means something. The crowd oohed and awed whenever he would take a bump. Valo is coming into his own as a manager. While talking to my sister-in-law, at first I was thinking that he needed a whistle a la Bill Alphonso. As the match went on after more observation, I realized Kyle Valo doesn’t need a whistle. Valo has the ability within himself to be an annoying heel without using a whistle or a tennis racket or a megaphone. When my wife lets me get another MPX shirt, I most likely will get me a $Payday$ or “Team Kyle” t-shirt. Or maybe it’s just the Ghostbusters shirt that gets me. I don’t know. I see a lot of potential there. The match ended once Valo handcuffed $Payday$ and WASP climbed the turnbuckles and got the briefcase.

Winner: WASP

Again, no problem with this finish. It was good heel heat for WASP and Valo. Genesis came out and took the money. (I mean, it was $10,000.00) Then they fired WASP for taking out the trash when that was their job. It made sense for them to fire WASP because they weren’t just firing the faces. A reminder that the bigger war was Genesis vs. MPX.

Fifth match: Kenny Steele vs. Ben Wylde

We began with Kenny Steele from Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh fan in Dallas=no bueno. Both cities think their football teams are God’s gift to humanity (when we all know Liverpool FC is). Kenny cut his first promo. (At least I hope it was his first promo.) One thing Mick Foley writes in his book is talking about a mentor telling him to read often or get a book of quotes. It’s not hard:

1.Google Chuck Noll quotes.

2. Quote Chuck Noll in a room in Dallas.

3. Be prepared to be labeled the anti-Christ.

Every promo cannot be the same. However, I liked his size. He has also put a lot of work into his body, so I see him possibly having a nice career, providing he doesn’t lose his agility. One thing about this match. Steele did too much. He was overselling to the point of exaggeration. I would like to see him sell less. This was most likely his first match, so it was decent. Ben Wylde reminds me of that pre-Crow Sting. He’s just a sugar-sweet babyface. It works; don’t change anything; you will always need that.

Winner: Steele

Main event: Seph Annunaki (c) vs. Carrion Arcane w/Kyle Davis

This was our main event. Arcane was making fun of Seph’s tights (which did look mostly alike). As time goes on, they do need to get one of the two some new tights. Kyle was very interactive with the fans, so I’m going to be honest that I didn’t pay that much attention. We had Seph become the victim of outside interference.

Winner: Annunaki via DQ

Then Genesis came out and beat him down and proceeded to strip him of the belt and fire him. Then the MPX guys who were still there came out to the ring and gave Kyle Valo the mic (surprising choice, but it worked). Valo said that unless Genesis re-hired everybody they had fired that night, they were walking. They also wanted control of the company back. Genesis agreed on one condition-Seph defeat their secret weapon. For those of you thinking Omarosa of “The Apprentice”, we were not quite so lucky. It was the man… the myth… the legend… Regrub.

The bonus main event: Seph Annunaki (c) vs. Regrub

I’ve said before that Regrub should be booked as a monster, which made matches like this mean something. I could have told you who was going to win this match. The how was the key part. Seph took his beatdown and then out of nowhere, we had a last-minute surprise small package and he pinned the monster Regrub.

Winner: Annunaki

So Haiden took the microphone and made a match for the December 11th show, it will be for all the marbles. Control of the company & the title on the line.

All in all…

The company is coming along nicely. They are introducing more characters and telling some fun storylines.

A lot of knife-edge chops tonight. Matt Andrews and poor Lucha had the chests to prove it. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen a knife-edge chop as intense as the ones Ryan threw.

The best show I have seen from MPX.

The best match I have seen from MPX.

Hopefully we are on an incline here.

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