North Texas Ultimate Fighting: Annihilation

On Saturday, November 20,  North Texas Ultimate Fighting will bring us Annihilation. This 15-fight card will showcase some of the up-and-coming MMA fighters in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Andre Kavanaugh (5-5) Vs Evan Cutts (3-1) (170 Pound Title Fight)

So Kavanaugh’s been on a little bit of a losing streak recently. Three losses, two submissions and a TKO. Cutts is on a one-fight losing streak. Kavanaugh gets the experience; Cutts gets the momentum. I say Cutts walks away the winner.

Winner: Cutts

Javier Obregon (4-1) Vs Michael Lytle (4-1) (155 Pound Title Fight)

We have Obregon and Lytle’s fighting in their sixth fight each. Lytle and Obregon both have the experience, but Obregon is fighting out of Travis Lutter’s BJJ. Lutter was the winner of The Ultimate Fighter Season 4. All 4 of Lytle’s wins have been submission. I’m pretty sure this is going to be a ground battle. I like where Obregon is coming from. I’m calling him for the victory.

Winner: Obregon

Bout 9- Jordan Gaza Vs Kylie Malone (120 pounds)

Both fighters are 0-0. I’m not going to speculate on this. Both fighters are 17, young and should be a great opportunity to watch a future MMA star. And forgive me for sounding like a 13-year-old girl, but they are both cute. No winner chosen here.

Bout 8- Christopher Goolsby Vs Terry Meyers (250-265 pounds)

Again, both these men will be having their first fight. Goolsby is the young 21-year-old going against Meyers, the 33-year-old. I’m not going to pick a winner here, but one thing I do know. The Heavyweights are always fun to watch live.  This should be quite a bout.

Bout 7- Dayton Biggs (1-0) Vs Coda Yazzie (1-0) (155 pounds)

So we have matching records here again. And both have won submissions. Yazzie is coming back to NTUF, so he’s already been there before and has the victory under his belt. This fight could go either way. I’m picking Yazzie.

Winner: Yazzie

Bout 6- Fernando Salas (2-1) Vs Joe Gorman (1-1) (145 pounds)

We’ve got Salas coming off a two-fight winning streak. Gorman has lost 2 of his last 3. These two have won every fight by submission, so I’m thinking ground battle. I see Salas walking out a winner on this one.

Winner: Salas

Bout 5- William Badders (2-1) Vs Armando Servin (2-0) (170 pounds)

Servin has never tasted defeat. He has a submission and a decision. Badders has had both a submission and a loss. This I see going in Badders’ favor. Badders has experienced that first loss. He also has shown that he has more than one weapon at his disposal. On paper, I see Badders walking out with the win.

Winner: Badders

Bout 4- David Cashion (0-1) Vs Ryan Mira-Nealy (1-1) (155 pounds)

Cashion’s only bout has been at the same place and was a submission loss to Coda Yazzie. Ryan Nealy has had two bouts, both have been TKO’s. I expect Nealy to end this and end it quickly.

Winner: Nealy

Bout 3- Tony Handley (1-0) Vs Jeremy Metcalf (0-0) (170 pounds)

I don’t really know too much about these fighters. Handley won a split decision for his first fight. Metcalf hasn’t fought yet, so I’m not going to pick any winner here. Just good luck to the both of them.

Bout 2- Isaiah Gutierrez (0-0) Vs Sidney Cawdrey (0-1) (135 pounds)

Gutierrez is a member of Travis Lutter’s BJJ. So I’m not sure whether that means anything in his ability to learn from his teacher. Nobody would ever doubt Ted Williams’ ability as a baseball player. But his lifetime managerial record was .429, with 3 90+ LOSS seasons. (He only managed 4 seasons.) Cawdrey has one defeat, a submission. With this being Gutierrez’s first fight, I will not pick a winner here.

Bout 1- Steven Ngo (0-1) Vs Homero Garcia (1-0) (125 pounds)

Ngo has suffered a submission loss. Garcia has the one victory via TKO. Garcia is 38 while Ngo is 24. I’ve never seen Garcia, so for all I know, he’s in great shape. But the 38 doesn’t look great in any sport. Ngo has tasted that first defeat. I think it will make him hungry enough to reach for that first victory.

Winner: Ngo

Upset watch: Chris Lytle. He knows how to win and I see him utilizing his submission game.

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