MPX-All on the Line 12-11-10

Attempting to put my thoughts from last night into words is going to be a daunting task. It had the feel of November Sweeps from TV Land. You know, the night they bring in all the guest stars or they have the big blow-off to their storylines. This night had a “Wrestlemania”/”Starrcade” feel. They brought in some big local names in talent. Some of it worked and some of it bombed.

First of all, the feel of the night. I took notes so I would have an idea of what I remembered. The Metroflex MidCities Gym had undergone some recent innovations and looked nice that night. It was nicely painted and didn’t look like an unfinished room somewhere. I’m not sure if it was the indy talents or the ladder match, but the house was packed. My sister-in-law and I talked about how we remember going the first time and how far it had come. There was duct tape that said “DO NOT CROSS.” It’s about time. I’ve learned in my time not to cross the imaginary line, but there’s some kids (or developmentally challenged adults) who may not understand that.

Kate began with her introduction. Then she was interrupted by Cash & Carry. The most important thing of the night was that he was wearing the sweater vest. Cash is new to the sport and didn’t know about DQ’s. So then he asked a referee to come out and explain what was a DQ. Cash pointed at the guy behind the table and said “Hey, you bet on the Colts against the Cowboys, didn’t you?” So they made him demonstrate what was a DQ or not. As they were about to do a major move on them, Ben Wylde & Lucha Lucha came to their rescue. The match was on. It was silly, but ok.

First match: Cash & Carry vs. Lucha Lucha & Ben Wylde

I liked the beginning of the match and the transitions. It had an ECW feel to it. Ok, let’s call it like it is. The four guys here were pretty green. I had some cringe moments, but that’s to be expected. Cash kept on asking the ref why on his instructions. It made sense. He’s a rookie; he’s going to make mistakes on what’s legal and not. I also wrote down that Lucha did a nice job of selling. It was a short match, but it was what it was.

Winner: Lucha & Wylde

After the match, Kenny came out to attack Lucha & Wylde. This made sense because Wylde faced Steele last time. Steele couldn’t figure out the mic, so he cut his promo without it. Nice improvisation. He called out Ryan Nichols. I was a little concerned over what I saw the last time.

Second match: Kenny Steele vs. Ryan Nichols

If MPX gives an award for most improved, I might have to go with Ryan Nichols. The first match I saw him in was probably the worst match I’d ever seen. The two wrestled a pretty decent match for being at their level of greenness. I have already said this once, and I really don’t feel like saying this again. Steele is a very one-dimensional character. He kept on saying “I got abs.” Yeah, we get it. You have abs. You don’t even have the best abs in the company. You need to come up with better insults and more reasons for the people to hate them. He called the women “Toots.” I loved it, but I guess I expect a lot from him because I know he can be better. Again, Nichols needs to have a hair vs. hair match he loses.

Winner: Steele

Props went to behind the scenes. The transitions were nice and well-done. We had an edition of “Hot Topics” with Kyle Valo. Valo invited Kyle Davis to be his guest. These guys are two of MPX’s best talkers so it was an auditory feast. Kyle Davis went on a rant that would have made Jim Cornette say, “Hold on there a minute.” My sister-in-law said that it went too long and I responded “Yeah, I think that was the point.” Valo announced the 4th man would be WASP. WASP came out and cut a promo about how he was wanting the belt. Short and to-the-point.

Third match: Regrub vs. Danny Saint

This was my first time to see Danny Saint. It would have been nice to be introduced to the character. I liked the story they told of Saint trying to bodyslam Regrub and not being able to and then finally doing it. Regrub botched a few spots, including the finisher. I’ve never been in the ring, so I can’t say it’s inexcusable or anything, but it looked very Bush league. I even wrote down that I felt sorry for Saint having to sell while Regrub tried to do a Vaderbomb and get the pin.

Winner: Regrub

It made sense for Regrub to go over, so good for Saint in being good for business. And now, in the exact opposite of being good for business, that brings me to the next match.

Fourth match-Triple Threat Match: Ryan Gauge vs. JT LaMotta vs. Matt Palmer

This was a great story that was told. LaMotta came out and acted like a star. He has that potential and I’m glad we got to see him that night. Matt Palmer reminds me of a lot of things: Ravishing Ronald of Looney Tunes fame, Tony DiNozzo of NCIS & Shawn Michaels. He just has this natural goofball charisma, and he reminded me of HBK in that he was a show-stealer. Without him, this match would have been a tasteless beatdown. However, good for MPX, Ryan is very over with the crowd.

Winner: LaMotta

I’m going to rant for a little bit, so bear with me. I don’t call out wrestlers very often, and I’m not a wrestler so forgive me if this is out-of-place. LaMotta wrestled very stiff against Gauge. LaMotta, I’m glad you think you are the “cat’s whacker” or the “bee’s knees” or whatever you think you are. What gives you the right to go into someone else’s company and “show them how it’s done?” It’s one thing if Gauge is in your territory; you were on his. I did not think it was very classy.

In addition to the stiff style, the booking didn’t work here either. All it did was show Gauge wasn’t on their level. Unless LaMotta is putting him over at a future date, this match was a waste in the long run. Ryan is still over with the crowd, and it wasn’t a squash match, but I kind of felt it was a waste of a match. Speaking of wasted matches…

Fifth match: Brent Masters vs. $Payday$

Again, not sure how much they paid Masters, but it was too much. He cut a promo but couldn’t figure out how to work the mic (*clearing throat noise*, MPX’s Powers that Be, can we go over how to work the mic before they’re in the ring?). I enjoyed his promo. $Payday$ is one of my favorites to watch. I love his swagger and and confidence without being too cocky. Before I tear this match apart, let me say there were some creative spots. It was an awful match. I really don’t know who is to blame here. I didn’t like Masters and it seemed like $Payday$ did his best. I don’t know whether it was awful chemistry or whether Masters just isn’t a good worker. However, I do praise Masters for doing what was right for business.

Winner: $Payday$

Masters tried too hard. When you’re following Matt Palmer, you’re not going to be the funny heel.  Then it was time for the main event. I’ve seen some great wrestlers live. Bret Hart-Undertaker, Owen Hart(RIP)-Mick Foley, Stone Cold, The Rock, Lance Cade (RIP). I have never seen a match live that I wanted to give a standing ovation-until this one.

Main event Ladder Match: Genesis (Kristopher Haiden, Carrion Arcane, Frankie Fisher & Matt Andrews w/Kyle Davis) vs. MPX (Gregory James, James Hawke, Seph Annunaki & WASP w/Kyle Valo)

What can you say about this match? I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen a better match than this live. All ten guys gave everything live. I always praise this company for the little things. The wrestlers came out of the dressing room to watch. It reminded me a lot of old ECW when the boys all used to watch from the aisle. The only negative is that at the beginning of the fight, there was too much action going on.

I counted the number of “Holy s***” moments for me. I had 9. There were a few that happened on the other side from where I was sitting, so I think there were a few more. At one point, we had dueling Van Terminators with ladders. There was a different spot where the two Kyles were climbing up the ladder at the same time, made it to the top and both threw baby powder at each other. It was awesome. We had Gregory James do the lucha libre plancha spot onto the 5 or 6 guys. He also did a conchairto on top of the ladder to Frankie Fisher. Haiden was already bleeding and took an insane bump onto two tables. Being that we know him outside of the business, it was difficult for my wife and some other people who knew him. It’s one thing to watch the Dudleys on Monday Night Raw back in the day; it’s another thing to watch our friend go through the tables. All I know is that my buddy took a table bump that would have made Sabu smile in approval.

There are very few things in this business that surprise me still. I will admit I got worked when Bryan Danielson was the 7th member of Team WWE. That’s probably the last time somebody worked me that I never saw coming. Matt Andrews took the belt and the briefcase. He asked for the mic and thanked Genesis for getting him to where he was, but now that he was the champion, he was done with them. He fired all of them, climbed down the ladder, threw the briefcase on Seph and said, “I don’t care about this. You can have it.”

Winner (and champion): Matt Andrews

What an insane, breath-taking main event. I guess one of the best compliments we can give the night is that my sister-in-law took her new boyfriend to wrestling for the first time last night. On the way home, he asked, “Do they do that all the time?” I’ve said my peace about everything else that night. Great main event made for a great night.

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