A Personal Note to Wrestlers and Their Fans

First, before I begin, let me just say that I love wrestling. I have for 14 years and it’s been one of the biggest parts of my life. I’ve been to a lot of wrestling events through the years. I’ve seen Lance Cade, Necro Butcher, Jazz, AJ Styles, Rodney Mack/Redd Dogg & was once punked out by Lance Hoyt (another story for another place & time). I’m not content to simply just sit there. I believe in cheering for the good guy and giving it to the bad guy. Some of my favorite managers to jaw-jack with are Kyle Davis, Mike Page & Jack Logan; I also love interactive heel wrestlers, like Lance Hoyt, Kris Haiden & even going back to Joey Corman. This is as much fun for me as a fan than anything. I have nearly led some to the point of breaking character.

But we need to make a deal. I was watching a few wrestlers this past weekend. The wrestlers were doing their usual back-and-forth. Then they went into some really personal territory-Yo Momma comments.

Now, let me just say I love “Your Mother” insults. I love it when they make sense; I love it even more than when they don’t make sense. Like when I’m driving and my wife tells me to turn to the right, I’ll say “Your mother turns to the right.” Or I work with some guys that we’ll do it to each other. “It’s rainy outside.” “Your mother is rainy outside.”

Before I do that, I know the guys I joke with. These guys all have living, breathing mothers. We know that we don’t really mean it. I also have the same understanding with my wife regarding my mother-in-law, whom I have decided is immortal, as the shards of glass in her Thanksgiving turkey are proving. But seriously, I love my mother-in-law more than just about anything. My wife and I have the understanding that it’s all in good fun.

But wrestlers and wrestling fans, let’s make a truce. Let’s dispense with insults about each others’ mothers. I don’t know you; you don’t know me. I don’t know if your mother has passed away. You don’t know if mine has (unless I’m sitting right next to her). Can we stay away from that? I’ll do this if you do, okay?

Thank you.

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6 Responses to A Personal Note to Wrestlers and Their Fans

  1. What promotion were you watching?

  2. shamgaranath says:

    A local promotion, MPX. They’re a relatively new company out of Bedford. Good storylines.


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