MPX-Year End Awards

So, before I go into the Year-in-Review awards, let me begin with my personal story. In August I was in the mood for some local indy wrestling. I went to a friend in the business I know through my sister-in-law. He said he was working for this new company, their work was green, but it was reasonably-priced. So I decided I would go, asked my sister-in-law to join me, and ended up seeing a different kind of company. While their in-ring work may not have been Flair-Steamboat (Who is other than Flair & Steamboat?), they made up for it in storylines and characters. I was hooked immediately.

To the wrestlers, managers, “The Powers That Be,” and the backstage crew (who never get the credit for what they do), thank you for giving me something to look forward to every month.

Wrestler of the Year-Seph Annunaki

How does the guy not get wrestler of the year? He held the belt for the majority of the year. Honorable mention: Matt Andrews

Manager of the Year-Kyle Davis

There aren’t too many managers to choose from in MPX, but how does the mouthpiece of Genesis not get this award? Great on the mic, interactive with the crowd, and how do you not love the Jimmy Hart Tribute Jacket? Honorable mention: Kyle Valo

Match of the Year-The Ladder Match

When I say that is the greatest match I have ever seen live, that is not something I say lightly. I don’t think I have ever seen eight guys put all on the line like that. Honorable mention: Haiden & Andrews vs. Hawke & Gauge

Hero of the Year-Seph Annunaki

So he’s not quite the classic good guy. He has a little bit of an edge to him. He’s a good flagship and standard bearer for the company. Honorable mention: Gregory James

Villain of the Year-Matt Andrews

This was supposed to be Genesis, but Matt Andrews proved he was more dastardly than them by winning the belt and firing them all. Without him being such a bad guy, Annunaki wouldn’t have been such a hero. Honorable mention: Genesis

Feud of the Year-MPX vs. Genesis

There were some great, bloody battles fought by both sides. It is a combination of Gregory James-Frankie Fisher, Matt Andrews-Seph Annunaki and all the other matches that went along with them. Honorable mention: WASP vs. $Payday$

OMG moment-Kris Haiden going through the tables

There were some real emotions that came out of the crowd that night. That was an awesome moment and I was proud to be part of the crowd. Honorable mention: Haiden’s Van Terminator at “To Be King”

What categories did I miss? Who would you put in what category?

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