Dear Santa-MMA Edition

Dear Santa,

I’ve been good this year for the most part. I watched both seasons of Ultimate Fighter, bought a few TapOut t-shirts and began blogging about MMA. I try not to ask for too much this year, because I am very lucky and blessed. I have a beautiful wife, vivacious daughter and lovely extended family. I’m just going to ask you for a few things, Santa. I know that there are other forces at work in the universe, but if you can make them happen, I would appreciate it.

-Kimbo Slice reality show. Please Santa, from the one season he was on Ultimate Fighter, I’d love to hear him do commentary. I’d just love to see him live his life. If David Hasselhoff is worthy of his own reality show, surely Kimbo Slice’s would be more entertaining.

-WEC/UFC merger to bring about better fights. For a while, UFC was like Raw and WEC was like Smackdown! UFC was the pageantry and the big names. WEC was the place where you would see the good fighting. Now that they’re merging, let’s hope they bring their top-level talents and their talents bring their A-games.

-Strikeforce’s continued success. UFC seems to have really dropped the ball on some recent cards. While UFC’s fighters have rolled around for 15 minutes, Strikeforce has showcased top talent who have brought submissions, knockouts and fights like Billy Evangelista vs. Waachim Spiritwolf.

-Continued role models for my daughter. I talked ad nauseum this year about how I wanted to see female fighters in the UFC. I am happy to point at women like Miesha Tate, Sarah Kaufman and others and to take their principles of sports(wo)manship.

-Fighters stop using PED’s. I know they all try to be the best of the best, but you can only do so much with what God gave you. They will be tested and they will be found out. It’s just silly.

-Cain Velasquez’s success. I see him becoming a breakout star in the Spanish-speaking world. When I saw my live local MMA, there were plenty of Mexican-Americans and Hispanics in the crowd. And to the rest of the world, can we stop pronouncing his name Vel-as-kwez? It’s pronounced Bel-as-kez.

-My wife would like more Ryan Bader. And I would like more Roxanne Modafferi.

-A shower for Chris Leben. If he doesn’t, can he at least look like he does?

-Josh Koscheck to explain where his hair color comes from. Surely it cannot exist in nature.

-A judging overhaul. It is ridiculous watching a fight that should have been at least split and then hearing 30-27 in the fighter’s hometown. This judging really needs some oversight. Right now, there are some very unqualified judges working in the industry. This needs to be fixed.

Thank you Santa.

Hope to see you Christmas Eve.

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