Rex Ryan: Why Do We Care?

I love Rex Ryan. He’s like that kid on the team who always runs his mouth, but you like the guy anyway. Flipping off the MMA crowd, running his mouth out about how he’s going to beat the [insert rival here]. He is the greatest gift to sports blogging since Terrell Owens.

But now he is done something else that has captured the world of sports. The only question I have is “Why do we care?”

So the coach’s wife participated in a foot fetish video in which he was most likely the cameraman. Nobody was hurt. They were married at the time it was shot. This is innocent. This is not how I roll, but to each their own. I haven’t seen the videos yet, but from the sound of them, I wouldn’t be embarrassed with the subject matter. This wasn’t somebody sending pictures of his genitalia to a fellow employee wearing Crocs. It is just a sweet display of affection for a wife and husband whom are very much in love.

American culture, people that have fetishes are not deviants. Once anybody gets out of the realm of what we assume as normal, they are labeled depraved, sexual deviants. Different people like different things. Foot fetishism is not some kind of gateway drug to where you end up in pedophilia. It’s how they connect on an intimate level. Let them.

This should also be another reminder to be cautious with the videos you shoot and pictures you take. Don’t ever shoot a video or take a picture you wouldn’t want on TMZ’s show or the front page of the New York Post.

So the fetish video isn’t disturbing. I find this one a lot more disturbing.

Let the man live his life.

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One Response to Rex Ryan: Why Do We Care?

  1. Carol says:

    Two thumbs up. Great post, Justin!

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