Rubio-Santana Preview

How do you celebrate your New Years? 20 college football games that are meaningless? Trying every natural hangover remedy known to man only to discover they do NOT work? Or black-eyed peas?

Well, if you’re in Torreon, Mexico, you have a nice opportunity. Marco Antonio Rubio will be taking on Wilson Santana in a 12-round Middleweight bout.

I think it’s pretty safe to say this fight is not very inspiring.

The fight is going on in Torreon, Mexico. Guess where Rubio lives. If you said Torreon, Mexico, you win. So will Rubio. Not just because he’s fighting in his hometown, otherwise, I’d take on anybody at Cowboys Stadium.

Why Rubio should win…

Since 2007, Rubio has been 13-1, that only loss coming at the hands of Kelly Pavlik in February of ’09. Of those 14 fighters, their combined record is 277-79-15. That’s a 75% winning percentage.

He is ranked #17 in the Middleweight division, according to, #2 from Mexico.

Wilson Santana is 11-0 with 1 no contest. He has never fought outside of the Dominican Republic before. Between his 12 opponents, there are 5 wins among them. That’s one win for every two fighters. One wonders why Santana would even take this fight.

Why Santana should win…

I’ve watched a lot of boxing movies. For every impossible story, you always have that fighter with the opportunity to win. I won’t say it’s impossible, but Magic 8-Ball says “Highly unlikely.”

The other fight that night is Miguel Roman vs. Angel Antonio Priolo. Both have pretty even records.

Why Roman should win…

Roman is 32-7. He’s on a 4-win fight streak. Even though he’s 9 and a half hours away from Torreon, Roman still has “home field advantage,” being from Ciudad Juarez (near El Paso).

Roman’s last fight went 1:16. All four of his last victories were KO’s or TKO’s. If momentum is all it takes, this belongs to Roman.

Why Priolo should win…

7 losses in a row. He DESPERATELY needs to win this fight if he wants to move on from here. I think he will show up with his heart beating faster than ever.

My official picks: Rubio & Roman.

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