Friday Night Fights -Jan. 7

So the wonderful world of Friday Night Fights returns. I’m going to try watching it and hopefully they won’t butcher the Hispanic names. (Sorry, pet peeve of mine.) If I could find Telefutura, I might be watching that. One thing about Latin American announcers… they always make whatever you’re watching seem exciting (see here).

So now that I have completely offended every one of my Latin American readers, it’s now time to break down the Jan. 7 night of Friday Night Fights on ESPN2.

Ruslan Provodnikov vs. Mauricio Herrera

This looks to be like a pretty fun bout. Provodnikov is the #18 Light Welterweight and #1 out of Russia. Herrera is #55 & lucky #13 for US. Herrera is 15-1 with a only one of his 16 opponents having a losing record at the time. Provodnikov is 17-0 with 7 of his opponents having a losing record at the time. While the Russian looks good, don’t let the numbers scare you. I’m saying that this should be a pretty equal bout. I’m going with the Russian for the knockout victory, but there is nothing for sure there.

Demetrius Andrade vs. Alberto Herrera

Herrera (7-1-1)  will be taking on 11-0 Andrade. What I see here are 8 knockouts in 11 victories. I don’t see Herrera beating Andrade. This will, however, be a great opportunity for Herrera. If he pulls this one off, it will be a great career opportunity. Andrade looks to be legit and on his way to the next level.

Henry Namauu vs. Manuel Otero

Namauu is sitting at an intriguing 8-3. Otero is sitting at a 2-1 record. We can either be at the cusp of something great or not-so-great. It’s like watching a Futures game. You’ll see some prospects that will rule the world or some that will become the next Ryan Leaf. For some reason I’m liking Namauu on this one.

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