The Definitive Moment That Will Silence All Roids Talk Forever, Part II

So in the last article, we talked about why we are more intelligent than asterisks.

2. PED’s do not normally make you a better ball-player.

So we had the Mitchell Report released. There is a kind of McCarthy-istic black-balling for anybody named in the report.

There are 4 players that have indisputable Hall-of-Fame numbers:

Barry Bonds (all-time home run leader)

Rafael Palmeiro (500 home runs, 3,000 hits)

Gary Sheffield (500 home runs)

Roger Clemens (300 wins)

Then you have some bubble people:

Matt Williams (4-time Silver Slugger and Gold Glove winner each)

Troy Glaus (2000 Home Run King, ’02 World Series MVP)

Wally Joyner (He was one of my favorites. 2060 hits, 400+ doubles)

Kevin Brown (211 wins, 6-time All-Star)

Miguel Tejada (’02 MVP, 6-time All-Star)

Mo Vaughn (’95 MVP, 5 seasons 35+ HR’s)

Andy Pettitte (240 wins, 5 time World Champion)

Jason Giambi (415 home runs, 2000 MVP)

But then you have no-name players. The logic states that PED’s gave these players an unfair advantage. Therefore, anyone who used PED’s should be great. You want to look at some names on the Mitchell Report?

Marvin Benard-averaged 10 home runs for his 9 seasons, 54 career homers

Larry Bigbie-hit 31 career home runs, hitting 15 for a career high

Darren Holmes- finished in Top 10 and games pitched and saves once; had a 6.35 ERA in 1994

The list goes on. John Rocker, Ricky Bones, Mark Carreon. Why did none of those guys have Cy Youngs or MVP’s or 60-home run seasons?

If the PED’s were that much a factor why is Mark Carreon not in the Top 100 in home runs? Why was Matt Herges not a Cy Young Award winner? The PED’s should not have given these guys any more of a chance to play well.

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