MPX Aftermath 1-9-2011

After the December show, MPX was going to have a tough road to top this one. The nice part was that they didn’t try to top it. Not every show is going to be like the ladder match, so it’s nice that they didn’t escalate everything. Jim Cornette would have been proud.

The night was very fun. I took my usual spot, even though I missed my sister-in-law and whoever else usually joins me. The night was plagued by technical difficulties. I felt bad for them, because I’ve been on that end when it comes to the difficulties.

The crowd was PACKED. The locker room was loud, but I think it gave it a fun kind of energy. They began the night with a recap. This was great because there were a lot of new people there, and this company is a storyline-centric company.

First match: Regrub vs. Wally Darkmon

The last show I was not so kind to Regrub, but I think he brought it tonight. The music didn’t play. Regrub yelled, “Play my music” from the back and came out to the ring anyway. He did a great job improvising and thinking on his feet. Wally Darkmon came out and was in intense mode. He wanted to rev up the crowd and was great for the first match. Wally is very Spike Dudley-esque. He has such charisma and is such a pro. I hope a lot of the faces were watching how Wally engaged the crowd. It was very well-done. Regrub nailed the Vaderbomb and got the pin.

Winner: Regrub

The new general manager was introduced. I was really hoping for Gary from Teen Mom, but it was Mike Dolenz. Now the people who were new had no idea who he was. Mike did a nice job of acknowledging that and explaining the fact he was told he couldn’t wrestle again. Here is the brilliant part. The first show I went to (“To Be King”) Dolenz announced taking time off and at the end of the night, Genesis fired him. Now, Genesis is not in charge anymore so Dolenz returned. There is something here that I haven’t seen in forever-LOGIC, CONTINUITY & REASON. WWE & TNA couldn’t be any farther from that. That’s one of the reasons I don’t watch their product and choose to support my local indies like MPX.

Dolenz is not the most charismatic speaker, so I’d recommend working on the mic skills. He set up a contract match.

Second match: Mr. Tejas vs. Dave Dunnings

Mr. Tejas was Frankie Fisher in a Rey Jr. mask. I don’t think there’s a person alive who didn’t know it wasn’t Frankie. I’ve seen this done before with Eddie Guerrero and Edge & Christian. It’s ok. It was a fun angle to play homage to. Also, it was a fun match to watch. I don’t know how many matches Dunnings has ever had, but he did well in this match.

Winner: Mr. Tejas/Frankie Fisher

After the match, Frankie unmasked.

Third Match: “Lucky 21” Royal Rumble-like match

First before I break down this match, these matches are incredibly hard to book. I know this because it was incredibly hard to keep track of. This was an incredible ensemble performance. Not everything was a lyrical melody, but it was a very fun match.

1. “Centerfold” Matt Palmer

Palmer came out and pranced around the ring as only “Ravishing” Ronald could. I have to say that Palmer was perhaps the MVP of the night. Shawn Michaels is perhaps the king of Battle Royal “near-misses.” But Palmer sure did pull off a coup to try and take that title. When it came to in-ring work, Palmer was definitely the MVP.

2. Seph Annunaki

3. Money Man from Cash & Carry

4. Ryan Nichols

5. Regrub

Seph was first eliminated.

6. Kenny Steele

Nichols was second eliminated.

7. Frankie Fisher

8. Carlos Esquivel

Regrub was third eliminated.

9. Macho Mike (who has pink and black Bret Hart tights)

10. Texas Red w/a barbed wire baseball bat

I was hoping he would use it on Frankie. It could only be an improvement. I liked his character. I hope to see him again.

Esquivel was fourth eliminated. (Esquivel took the fight on short notice. Props to him for showing up.)

11. Ben Wylde

12. Zero the Antihero (Another guy who came in on short notice. I really liked his gimmick and hope to see him back again. His character intrigued me.)

Money Man was fifth eliminated. Now if somebody is eliminated, he goes to the back. Not Money Man. He took the microphone and proceeded to speak for the rest of the match until “The Muscle” was eliminated. This would make him co-MVP. It was reminiscent of Daivari when he was with Muhammed Hassan.

Steele was sixth eliminated. When he was walking to the back, I heckled him, “How are those abs working for you now?” He looked at me like he wanted to kill me. I can’t decide if that look was a work or a shoot. Props to Steele for his ring presence.

13. Scott Murdoch

Macho was seventh eliminated.

14. Muscle Man from Cash & Carry

15. James Hawke

Zero was eighth eliminated.

16. Jiggle-O James Johnson

17. Lucha Lucha

During the course of the night, Matt Palmer stole the Money Man’s hat and then Texas Red got a hold of it and did all kinds of things with it. Matt Palmer and Johnson brawled into the bathroom. They came out a few minutes later with Johnson still with toilet paper stuck to the bottom of his shoes. It’s the little things.

18. Hayden Frost (another wrestler coming in on short notice)

19. $Payday$

20. Headbanger

Lucha was ninth eliminated.

21. WASP w/Kyle Valo

Red was tenth eliminated.

Ben was eleventh eliminated.

Hayden was twelfth eliminated.

Muscle was thirteenth eliminated.

WASP was fourteenth eliminated.

Hawke was fifteenth eliminated.

Fisher was sixteenth eliminated.

Those two started fighting. I hope that will be the beginning of a really nice feud.

Jiggle-O was seventeenth eliminated.

Palmer was the eighteenth eliminated. It was spectacular and meant something. It was a great rub for $Payday$.

$Payday$ was nineteenth eliminated.

Then it was Headbanger-Murdoch and they went for the Royal Rumble ’94 finish where Bret & Luger both eliminated each other at the same time. Murdoch’s feet clearly touched first, but okay.

Winner: Scott Murdoch & Gregory James

The two had a nice display of sportsmanship. I like being able to see that. We were getting ready to go to Intermission and Kate was stopped by, of all people, Kyle Davis. This was a PCW crowd and they knew all the chants for Davis from that promotion. Kyle Davis has a relative. He’s going to be taking blood to see who he’s related to. I’m guessing either Kenny Steele, $Payday$ or Hornswoggle.

At the intermission, the wrestlers came out and mingled with the crowd. I like that. This might be a good time for the Polaroid camera.

After intermission, Ryan Gauge came out with his arm in a sling. He wasn’t able to wrestle because of an attack from WASP and Valo. I don’t remember that happening. It must have been a vignette that was not working. Seph came out to Gauge’s rescue.

Fourth match: WASP w/Kyle Valo vs. Seph Annunaki w/Ryan Gauge

This match was a “Bumpapalooza.” Seph and WASP did a good job of working together. The standout of the match was Kyle Valo (who carried out his own copy of Eclipse). I hope some indies begin booking Kyle as a manager. He is so good with what he does. The greatest line of the night:

“It’s a first print.”

-Kyle Valo, 2011, when somebody was grabbing his book

I want to see the hardcover book used as a weapon.

Winner: WASP

After the match, Seph asked for the microphone and quit. I was disappointed because I like that character, but we’ll see where they go with this.

Main event: Matt Andrews (c) vs. Scott Murdoch vs. “Headbanger” Gregory James

There were some racially ugly things being said that night. Matt Andrews is Asian and the moment the non-regular fans saw him, they made some stereotypical comments about Andrews’ Asian nationality. This is not the place to vent. I will do so later on this week. It was very distasteful, but they paid their $8. I will rip them a new one later.

Andrews was able to get the fans to start their “What?” chants. I think it’s a lot better than them not caring at all. The match was very nice. Murdoch was built as a monster (Samoa Joe-style) and the three wrestled a very nice bout. Andrews does the cowardly heel to perfection. The great Mick Foley once said that is an art that is lost, and it’s nice to see Andrews play that role really well.

Winner: Andrews

So a fun night that went through a lot of emotions. It left us with a lot of questions. What happened to Seph to make him quit? Will this be the beginning of the Frankie Fisher-James Hawke storyline? And who will get saddled with being Kyle Davis’ unfortunate relative? A good wrestling company gives you questions that make you HAVE to come back. Really well done.

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