5 Fighters to Watch this Week (Week Beginning 1-9-11)

There are some of these in MMA & Boxing to watch out for.

1. Zak Laird (3-0)-Laird’s first fight was June of last year. What I like most about him is that each of this three fights have ended a different way: Decision, Submission & TKO. Each of his fights have also been shorter than the last. He’s not entirely there yet, but he is going in the right direction. (fighting at Midwest Cage Championships 31 – Full Force)

2. George Tahdooahnippah (25-0-1)-Now, when you see the 25 wins, don’t get too excited. Only 9 of those had winning records before. Nevertheless, this is a fighter on the up-and-up. 11-8 Eloy Suarez is going to be standing in his way.

3. Rogelio Omar Rossi (15-2-1)-This Argentinian has not lost since May of ’07. He is the holder of the South American Cruiserweight Title. This will be a Unification bout against Cesar David Crenz, holder of the Argentina (FAB) title. Rossi is 6’6″ and they call him “El Pequeño.” I’d hate to see what the Argentinian giants look like.

4. Edwin Rodriguez (17-0)-Rodriguez is getting the big ESPN2 “Friday Night Fights” showcase. And why shouldn’t he? He’s undefeated in 17 fights. And 11 of those (in a row) have had winning records. His opponent, Aaron Pryor Jr., will be no cake walk with his (15-2) record.

5. Julio Escudero (7-0)-I’m gonna give some love to my fellow countrymen. (I know I’m the whitest guy on Earth, but I was born in Panama and still consider myself a Panamanian native.) Escudero will be fighting live in Panama City. His opponent is Javier Coronado (2-6). It looks to be a “stepping stone” fight, but 5 of Escudero’s fights have ended in KO and I’m hoping we can get some nice excitement out of it.

MMA will be a little quiet this week, but Boxing has some fights worth seeing if you are in the area.

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