Fight for the Troops Preview

First of all, kudos to the UFC for doing this. I fully believe in supporting the troops as much as we possibly can. I got nothing but love for this event. It’s a free card on Spike TV. To get more information about the cause, the link is below. Again, it is classy that the UFC is doing this. You wouldn’t see many professional sports doing a show like this. (Hey, Selig, Stern, Goodell, it might be a nice idea to do a game on an army base. Just sayin’. Sounds like another blog for another time.)

Lightweight bout: Evan Dunham (11-1) vs. Melvin Guillard (26-8-2, 1 No contest)

So this one might be really good. Guillard is 6 for his last 7. Dunham suffered his first defeat at the hands of Sean Sherk. I really like Guillard, but my gut and the numbers go with Dunham.

Winner: Dunham

Heavyweight bout: Matt Mitrione (3-0) vs. Tim Hague (12-4)

Again, with Mitrione, I never know what I’m getting. I still can’t decide whether he’s good or lucky. No hate, I just don’t know where his talents exactly lie. He has two very impressive wins in his career (Joey Beltran & the legendary Kimbo Slice). While Hague has a win over Pat Barry, he has losses to Joey Beltran and Todd Duffee. I see Mitrione taking this one.

Winner: Mitrione

Featherweight bout: Mark Hominick (19-8) vs. George Roop (11-6-1)
Seeing these fighters, this will be one of the advantages to having the WEC/UFC merger. Hominick is on a 4-fight win streak with wins against Leonard Garcia and Bryan Caraway. Roop will need this win, having 2 wins out of his last 5. The momentum goes with Hominick; I’d be hard-pressed to give the fight to Roop.

Winner: Hominick

Heavyweight bout: Pat Barry (5-2) vs. Joey Beltran (12-4)

Barry is still pretty young in his MMA career, despite being 31. He has never won a fight any other method than TKO’s. He has been submitted twice. Beltran hasn’t won by submission since 2007. So this is going to be a slugfest. I’m thinking it goes to the Mexicutioner.

Winner: Beltran

Lightweight bout: Cole Miller (17-4) vs. Matt Wiman (12-5)

The last time I went against Cole Miller, I learned my lesson. Wins include Junie Browning, Leonard Garcia & Ross Pearson. Wiman is not without skins on his wall, including Mac Danzig & Thiago Tavares. For me, Cole Miller is a no-brainer.

Winner: Miller

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