An Olive Garden to Avoid

So I guess it’s a little extreme that I would come to this, but it must be said. I usually try to stick with sports, but when somebody makes me mad enough, it’s time to say something.
Let me begin by saying I love Olive Garden. Nobody has soup and breadsticks quite like they do. (Ok, actually, Fazoli’s breadsticks are better, but the closest one is in Waco. I’m not kidding.) I have some sweet memories from eating there. My wife, while pregnannt, DESPERATELY wanted the Never-Ending Pasta Bowl. But there comes a time when enough is enough. There is a new one in Fort Worth at the Heritage Trace shopping centers. The address is below.
9333 Rain Lily Trail
Fort Worth, TX 76177

I’ve eaten there a few times. Without fail, you are looking at a 30-minute wait. I understand. The location is new. If you go at a peak hour, that’s understandable. But I went there last week with my daughter. It was a 20-minute wait for us (multiply that times 5, that’s what it’s like to wait with a 19-month-old). And then when we sat down, I was the only one in the four tables on my row. It’s one thing if I go during peak hours and there’s NO tables available. It’s when I wait 20 minutes and have empty tables all around me.

The service hasn’t been exceptional, but it hasn’t been awful. It seems like what goes on behind the scenes is an organizational problem. I would rather go eat at the Olive Garden by the Northeast Mall or Grapevine because I know that I won’t have to wait 20 minutes NEEDLESSLY. I’m ok waiting. Just don’t waste my time.

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