Fights to Watch-Week Beginning 1-24-11

This should be a great week for boxing and fighting. Because of the volume of these fights, I’m going to focus on Thursday and Friday first. Then I’ll try to choose SOME of the major fights on Saturday.


24 de Diciembre, Panama

Leovigildo Siris (5-7-2) vs. Jose Luis Yanez (10-12-1)

Neither of these two guys have winning records, but gives it a 1-star rating. (Most fights aren’t even rated.) Yanez is in a two-fight losing streak. He needs to win this one. One of these fighters will be closer to .500. One will be one win farther away.

Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa

Hekkie Budler (17-0) vs. Gideon Buthelezi (11-2)

A 2-Star fight according to Buthelezi has only faced one fighter with a losing record in his 13 fights. Budler has fought 9 losing fighters in his 17 fighters. This will be a great test for Budler, as he is not used to competition of Buthelezi’s level. I think we watch Buthelezi come out on top.


Algiers, Algeria

Ali Chebah (35-1) vs. Ajose Olusegun (28-0)

Now if I could only find this fight on PPV somewhere, THIS is something I would pay for. The top French Light Welterweight vs. the top Nigerian Light Welterweight. With one loss in over 60 combined fights between the two of them, this should be one GREAT fight. It’s no surprise has this rated at 3 stars.

Tokyo, Japan

Teppei Kikui (24-9) vs. Yosuke Fujihara (12-0)

Unlike some 12-0 fighters, Fujihara does not have a history of cupcakes. Every fighter he has faced is .500 or better. Kikui has won 3 of his last 8, so he is still struggling to stay relevant. I’m thinking this will be one of the biggest skins on Fujihara’s wall.

Temecula, California, United States

Friday Night Fights-ESPN2

Chris Arreola (29-2) vs. Joey Abell (27-4)

#11 Heavyweight Arreola has won 3 of his last 5. Abell hasn’t lost since 2008, but doesn’t look so impressive at his #123 ranking. This is by far the biggest fight of Abell’s career. Arreola should be able to handle Abell easily.

Mike Dallas, Jr. (17-0-1) vs. Josesito Lopez (28-3)

I like Josesito Lopez, mostly because of his name. Lopez is on a six-fight win streak. Looking at Dallas’ career, I get the impression that plenty of those 17 victories have been against cupcakes. This is going to be the biggest fight of his career thus far. I’m liking Lopez on this one, but I hope Dallas makes it competitive.

San Diego, California, United States


Charles Huerta (16-1) vs. Raul Hirales Jr (11-0-1)

Hirales has faced 3 fighters whose records are greater than .500. Huerta has a higher percentage of fighters over .500. Telefutura has given us a nice one. Does Hirales stay undefeated or does Huerta get another notch for his belt? I’m going with Huerta.

Chicago, Illinois, United States

David Diaz (35-3-1) vs. Robert Frankel (27-9-1)

Frankel, on a 6-fight winning streak, is taking on Diaz, who is 3 for his last 5. (One of those losses was to Manny Pacquiao, so no harm there.) Diaz is ranked #22. Frankel isn’t ranked. This should be a great opportunity for Frankel, but I think this fight belongs to Diaz.

Anton Novikov (18-0) vs. Dashon Johnson (11-3-3)

We have the #1 Russian Welterweight going against the #47 American. Yep, I think I’m going with the Russian here. Johnson is 3-1-1 in his last 5. Novikov should easily handle Johnson and then be on his way to face Steve Maxwell in Russia in February.

Yonkers, New York, United States

Ronson Frank (15-0) vs. Anthony Ferrante (9-1)

This looks to be a GREAT fight on paper. Ronson’s numbers look very good with some cupcakes thrown in there. Ferrante’s fought his share of cupcakes too. This should be a great fight with some real competition. My heart is leaning towards Ferrante.

If you’re in any of those areas, check out these fighters. These are great opportunities to stimulate the economy.

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