Tonight’s Fights-2-2-2011-Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico

Last night, Panama brought us some nice action with Ricardo Nunez defeating Liborio Solis. (I say nice action. I didn’t see the fight. I am assuming.) Tonight, the historic city of Mérida brings us a night of boxing with a 2-star and a 1-star fight.

Juan Kantun (18-2-2) vs. Omar Lina (8-1-1) (2 stars according to

So this should be an interesting fight. Kantun has more experience and is ranked #47 for the light flyweights in the world. Mérida is his hometown. Things look good for him here. Lina is ranked #53. The hometown factor and experience go to Kantun. However, the momentum goes to Lina, who has won his last 5. I’m going to go with Kantun, but I would not count out Lina for the upset.

Eduardo Herrera (9-1-1) vs. Lorenzo Bautista (5-3-1) (1-star fight)

Herrera is the hometown kid here. He’s coming off a decent showing against Gabino Arias (2-11-1). Herrera has faced inexperienced boxers in his career. Only 2 of his 11 opponents have more than 5 fights. Only one had a winning record and he lost to him.  He has the hometown momentum and has won 4 of his last 5. Bautista, El Lobito, (“the little wolf”) has faced a much different selection of opponents, all with winning records. That has come with some losses, but at least he’s a fighter who loves to challenge himself. I’m going with Bautista for the upset.

If you’re in the area, make sure you try to support your local boxers. Si está en el área, asegúrese de que trata de apoyar sus boxeadores locales. (Discúplame por mi español. Había sido muchos años.)

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