ESPN & Brett Favre- Co-dependent?

The following is just an amateur diagnosis. I may go intensely personal, but it needs to be said. I was listening to Mike & Mike this morning on ESPN. Now I know there’s lots of hatred out there for them in the “Blogosphere.” Most of it I just think is jealousy over the fact that that they do not run the morning show on ESPN, but nevertheless. They are my morning radio and television. My daughter loves certain voices on it like Bobby Knight and John Kruk. I can’t explain why those voices, but that’s what we watch in the morning.

Last Sunday, we watched the unveiling of new Super Bowl Champions-the Green Bay Packers. There were so many stories to be told there (and were for the most part). They talked about the Packers overcoming major players on Injured Reserve, Charles Woodson getting his ring after many years of hard work, his teary inspirational speech at halftime. There was one story they kept on going back to that bothered me. They were talking about Aaron Rodgers and if Brett Favre had contacted him yet.

My question is “WHO CARES?!?” I am so sick of Brett Favre. I am sick of him not making up his mind. If I did to my company what Brett Favre did to the Vikings, Jets & Packers, they’d say, “See ya. Hope we have an opening for you in the future.”If I had sent a text message of my penis to a fellow employee, I’d be fired and most likely never work again. Not to mention outright disagreements with his coach.

This story should be about Aaron Rodgers, not Brett Favre. Aaron Rodgers was the winner, not Brett Favre. Aaron Rodgers led his team. The only context Brett Favre should be mentioned is that Rodgers took over after him. Favre is definitely in the pantheon of great Packers quarterbacks, but he should not be the focus here. This is Rodgers’ story that is once again hi-jacked by Brett Favre thanks to ESPN.

I do not mean to make light of co-dependency as I feel it is a serious psychological condition. But I believe ESPN & Brett Favre are co-dependent on each other. The Free Dictionary defines co-dependency as:

“Of or relating to a relationship in which one person is psychologically dependent in an unhealthy way on someone who is addicted to a drug or self-destructive behavior, such as chronic gambling.”

We know that Brett Favre has an addictive personality. Before the 1996 season, he went to rehab for an addiction with Vicodin. When I had my back issues, I had a perscription for Vicodin. Because I knew that, I was careful to not get myself addicted to any pain medication. I used it only for emergency purposes and it was never abused whatsoever. Not saying that every addict ever has made the choice to be the addict, but if somebody gets addicted to vicodin and they recover, chances are they will have other addictions or be prone to them.

Brett Favre has an addiction (in my humble opinion)- Attention. I’m not breaking any ground by saying this, but he needs to be in the spotlight. Why do you think he’s retired 4 years in a row? He loves the attention and is addicted to being in the spotlight.

There’s an entity here that needs to be blamed as well. ESPN, I’m talking to you. Whether it’s Rachel Nichols under her favorite Hattiesburg, MS shade tree (Of course I will never complain about getting to see her.), Ed Werder & Chris Mortensen getting to appear on EVERY sports talk show or the infamous white Bronco chase, part II on Sportscenter, ESPN, you are to blame. You are an enabler. You give him an environment where he can get that attention he so desperately tweaks for. If we had an intervention for Brett Favre, Jeff Vanvonderen would tell ESPN that they were going to the Betty Ford Clinic for families. (Sorry, obscure A&E “Intervention” reference) ESPN is the mother who lets their child live with them, the brother who takes the addict to score heroin, the boyfriend who gives the addict his Hydrocodone.

ESPN has a problem. They enable Brett Favre to be addicted to the limelight. The two entities are co-dependent and they need to see it. They need to stop making everything about Brett Favre. Aaron Rodgers just won the Super Bowl. Let the man have his moment ALONE in the spotlight.

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