Boxeo en Panamá 2-10-11

So now that I fooled you with my Spanish title, at the recommendation of my Spanish professors, I have decided to write this in English. My hometown is hosting a great night of boxing. (By my hometown, I was born near Panama City, so I can call it my hometown much like people from Arlington can call Dallas their hometown.) I’m like the whitest Panamanian not named John McCain, but still I love to talk about my birthplace’s athletes and sporting events (like Mariano Rivera, Carlos “Chooch” Ruiz or Roberto Duran). Sorry for my long explanation about nothing. has 4 2-star fights scheduled for 2-10-11 in Panama City.

Ameth Diaz (28-10) vs. Eric Castro (8-2-1)

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better nicknamed than Diaz’- Cloroformo- (Chloroform for those who don’t know their Spanish). What an awesome way of describing what you do in the ring. Already I have him pegged as a thinking man’s boxer. Not sure if he is or not, but I popped for his nickname. Both of these live in Panama City, so nobody gets a hometown advantage. Diaz is the #1-ranked Panamanian Lightweight (#24 overall), while Castro is #2 (#134 overall). Diaz gets the experience edge and champion edge. Castro gets the hunger edge because he’s going for a belt. Plus, 7 of his 8 wins have been knockouts, so that makes him a holder of his own destiny. The momentum is kind of a wash. I’m going to go with Diaz on this one.

Alberto Mosquera (15-0) vs. Cristian Ruiz (15-0)

How this is only a 2-star fight is beyond me. You’ve got two undefeated boxers with equal records (aside from a No contest) for Mosquera. Mosquera’s history of opponents is pretty substantial, 12 of them having a .500 record or better. Ruiz has 8, so don’t be fooled by that 15-0. Mosquera is the #1 Light Welterweight in Panama, #57 worldwide. Ruiz is #2 in Nicaragua, #140 worldwide. Mosquera has the hometown advantage & momentum (6 straight KO’s as opposed to Ruiz’ 3). Ruiz has the hunger edge. Mosquera seems to be the favorite by far.

Irving Berry (18-2-2) vs. Julio Camano (8-3)

Berry is the #1 Panamanian Featherweight while Camano is #6. Berry wins the ranking, experience & momentum. Camano looks like he has the underdog momentum. Both are from Panama so the crowd should be a wash. I think Berry looks the best in here.

Chanttall Martinez (11-4) vs. Angela Marciales (5-3-3)

This should be a great ladies fight. Martinez is the #1 Panamanian Super Bantamweight, #7 overall (She’s also the only Panamanian Super Bantamweight). Marciales is #1 in Colombian Lightweights, #18 overall. Martinez gets the hometown, experience, momentum, and her last three knockouts have been against women with winning records. Marciales’ fought three women in their debuts. Looks like Marciales is being served up to Martinez on a silver platter and Martinez is ready to bite. I’m going with Martinez here.

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