MPX Salvation 2-12-11

Well, we had MPX Salvation last night. My most important lesson. Bring chairs. We didn’t and ended up getting a bench to sit on. This is a great problem to have, so I learned to bring my own chairs, leave when I want to and not listen to my wife. The show had a lot of questions to answer. What would become of Seph after quitting? Who would be cursed by finding out they were related to Kyle Davis? Would Matt Andrews be able to hold off Scott Murdoch by himself?

We started off with a recap. All the technical difficulties were resolved as I knew they would be. Kate began the night by welcoming Frankie Fisher. Frankie was nicely-dressed in a tie and cut a fun promo. The crowd was very PCW, so a lot of the former PCW guys were well-reacted-to. Frankie was very engaging with the crowd. He asked Mike Dolenz why he didn’t have a match. Dolenz informed Frankie that Frankie was under contract, but they were going to decide how to use him. He was going to be the referee during the James Hawke vs. Kenny Steele match. Dolenz was better on the mic.

First Match: Viktor Tadlock & Macho Mike (c) vs. Hunks 4 Hire

Before the match, Tadlock told an old story of a tag team in a defunct promotion that had received permission to pass it on to MPX. I really like Tadlock as a heel and he’s so good with the crowd. And I don’t know what it is about Jiggle-O, but he has a very natural charisma. He’s not a huge guy, but he understands how to get a crowd behind him. I’d like to see why Tadlock & Mike are partners. Do they have a gimmick together? Or are they RVD & Kane (a tag team together for no reason)?

Winner: Hunks 4 Hire (and new champions)

Jiggle-O went out and celebrated with the crowd. I loved that. Also, the Hunks’ reaction to winning made the belts seem special. That’s something we miss in wrestling nowadays.

To the MPX “powers-that-be,” it looks like the company might take something from PCW. Be very cautious about this. Do not lose your own identity trying to be something else. You are not PCW. You never will be, whether good or bad. Remember, you are MPX. I just have concerns over the end of ECW and how 10 years later, people are still trying to be ECW. Just don’t try to be the next PCW. Take what worked there and adapt it for you. Be the first MPX.

Second match: Brent Masters vs. $Payday$

You’ll have to forgive my obscure ECW reference #1 for the blog. Brent Masters reminded me a lot of JT Smith. JT Smith was best known for messing up and the audience chanting “You f***ed up.” It kind of started as unintentional and then became part of his gimmick. The first time I saw Brent Masters last December, he followed Matt Palmer, who has the same shtick, just a million times better. So it didn’t really click for me. Tonight it did. $Payday$ is such a natural babyface. There was a kid on the front row who started chanting for $Payday$. This matched clicked for me. It told the story of Masters trying to break every rule in the book. $Payday$ ended it with a low blow that the referee saw.

Winner: Brent Masters (via DQ)

The lights went out. We were hoping for Sabu (ECW reference #2), the Undertaker or Jake “The Snake.” Instead it was Carrion Arcane, who attacked $Payday$. As a fan, I’m excited about the thought of $Payday$-Arcane feud if it happens. Kyle Davis came out to the ring next with the results to the test to see who he was related to. He announced that Kenny Steele was his relative. And then he said that Kenny was his son. He cut a promo about being sorry for the way he neglected him growing up. Then Kate read the results and it turned out that Kyle had a brother and it was Ben Wylde. I popped for that. Then Ben came out with a big smile on his face and a tie-dye doo-rag for his recently reunited brother. I loved it. It reminded me of when Chavo “lost it” and wanted Eddie to teach him a lesson in WCW. So Kyle is now the face who doesn’t want to be one. Nicely done.

Third match: BC vs. Lucha Lucha with Zach T. handcuffed at ringside

These two are progressing nicely in their ring work. BC is a really good heel and has good facials. There were some brutal, stiff chops on both sides. I’m waiting for Lucha’s chest to end up in a slaughterhouse. The story was very nice. During the match, the lights went out. We were hoping for Sabu again. There was a masked man in the ring. We’re pretty sure it wasn’t Sabu. He attacked BC and Zach and thereby giving Lucha the win.

Winner: Lucha Lucha

During the intermission, the faces came out and mingled. Reunited with his brother, Kyle Davis came out and mingled with the crowd. I love the little things. Jiggle-O was very good with the crowd and talked with the little kid about Rey Misterio and how he used to watch Ricky Steamboat when he was a kid.

After the intermission, we had Kyle Valo do a special “Hot Topic.” The crowd hung on every word he said. And then he was ready to declare his love to a member of MPX-Kate. This was brilliant. And Kyle had his copy of Eclipse with him. I was waiting for Kate to declare herself a team member of Team Headbanger. She threw her drink on Kyle and Headbanger came to her rescue. The match was set between WASP and Headbanger.

Fourth match: “Headbanger” Gregory James w/Kate Carroll vs. WASP w/Kyle Valo

This was a match that might set up a nice feud between the two. The only thing is that the match went too long. WASP is such a good heel and James is such a natural face the more I see him. The match ended with a ref bump. I’m ok with ref bumps just as they aren’t done to excess. Then Kyle used his copy of Eclipse to put out Headbanger and WASP got the pin.

Winner: WASP

Fifth match: Kenny Steele vs. James Hawke with Frankie Fisher as special guest referee

The first part of this match was more of an angle. Frankie tried to do a slow count when Hawke was pinning or fast count when Steele was pinning. Steele was very interactive with the crowd and is improving in his character. I enjoyed his reaction to my “Let’s go Packers” chant. (Sorry, James. I knew that drew some blood for you too.) Frankie’s performance reminded me of Nick Patrick from the old nWo days, or Judge Jeff Jones (obscure ECW reference #3) or El Hijo de Tirantes, currently with AAA in Mexico. Mike Dolenz came out from the back and made it into a Tag Team Match. Steele & Fisher vs. James Hawke & the monster “Regrub.”

There were some interesting stories told here. The more I watch Regrub, the more I “get it.” He’s not always the best in-ring worker, but I like the character. Regrub is Galactus. He is neither heel nor face. He is Regrub. He was a nice surprise. This match went on way too long. Everybody in the arena knew the match needed to end. Hawke put Frankie in the STF and made him tap out.

Winner: Hawke & Regrub

After the match, Hawke put Frankie in a chair and attacked his knee. I was very confused by this. Hawke is a major babyface and he’s doing a heel move. The crowd was not on his side. I think there actually might have been an unintentional double-turn. The crowd was booing Hawke after this. I hope the next month Hawke gets a chance to explain himself, because I think the crowd might have turned on him.

Main event: Matt Andrews (c) vs. Scott Murdoch

Because he asked me to write this down, Andrews said, “This belt is not leaving my side.” I started my “Where’s my latte?” chant. Someday, it will work. This is a name I do not use lightly. Andrews reminded me a lot of Andy Kaufman, the in-ring work mostly. Kaufman was so brilliant at getting a crowd worked up and had really no equal. But Andrews was like watching Andy in the ring. Andrews took A LOT of chops. I know he is hurting today. Andrews pulled the win out of his sleeve.

Winner: Andrews

Pre-intermission, it was a fun night. Afterwards it went on too long. We still have a lot of questions. Who was the masked man? Why did Arcane attack $Payday$? The crowd keeps on getting larger, so bring your chairs.

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