Pollenzo’s Review

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My wife and I’s big dinner was out on Sunday night in Wylie at a place called Dos Churros. I strongly recommend that place. Great food (including the salsa), great margaritas (according to my wife) and great service. The next night, on Valentine’s Day, we wanted to take my daughter out, just the three of us. It was not a pretty night, but it could have been salvaged pretty quickly (and wasn’t).

First of all, the building looks immaculate. The restaurant looks great inside, well-cleaned. And the smell was enchanting. I was hungry and that smell did NOT help, which was a good thing. My girls arrived and we placed our order. My daughter’s favorite part was that the high chair had wheels, so she could back herself up.

We had our soup and salad. My tomato basil soup was nice, and my wife enjoyed her Caesar salad. But then something happened. A mini-black hole engulfed our ticket. Our food wasn’t brought to us. People after us were served. At first we just laughed it off. And then people began to notice we were there for a while. A cranky 20-month-old has that effect on people.

Our waitress tried to make the most of a bad situation. She got my daughter some bread that actually kept her quite occupied. Then the waitress began to “look into it.” I’m not exactly sure why she needed to “look into it” several times. It looked like somebody missed our order. Go fix it.

Then when the food finally arrived, the person who brought us our food said he had just gotten there? Huh? Our meals were not comped. I would have settled for one of the dishes being comped. I would have settled for a free dessert. I would have settled for a coupon for a free meal. Instead I got to pay for crappy service and a Hell’s Kitchen nightmare. Yes, it was going to take some major a**-kissing to keep me happy, but that goes a long way with me. This service did nothing for me. That is a place that lost our business.

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