Boxing Preview 2-16-11

Wednesday, February the 16th, brings us some nice boxing action. Three two-star fights according to

Neuquen, Neuquen, Argentina

Billi Facundo Godoy (19-0) vs. Sergio Jose Sanders (17-4-2)

Godoy is 19-0, 3 consecutive stoppages. 10 of his opponents had a .500 record or better. Sanders has won 1 of his last 6. He desperately needs to win this one. Sanders wins the desperation edge. Godoy wins the hometown and momentum edge. Looks like Sanders is being fed to Godoy on a silver platter.

Kobe, Hyogo, Japan

Akinori Kanai (21-5) vs. Kosuke Iwashita (11-10-2)

The records here look a little lopsided. Kanai is fighting in his hometown, winning 3 of his last 5. Iwashita is also there in momentum, though he has a slight advantage over winning his last fight. Kanai has the experience and looks like a more sure bet. I’m not writing out Iwashita yet, but I’m going with Kanai.

Bangkok, Thailand

Fahsai Sakkreerin (30-2) vs. Roel Laguna (11-4-2)

Sakkreerin is the champ going into a fight against Laguna. Sakkreerin wins the hometown edge (Laguna is Filipno), and momentum, winning 6 in a row. Laguna has lost three of his last 5. I don’t see this as being much of a competition. Sakkreerin should dispose of Laguna very easily.

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