Who Can Feed Me Popcorn?

Thank you, A-Rod, for giving us something we can always talk about. During the Super Bowl, he was spotted being fed popcorn by Cameron Diaz. For the video, click here. Now Cameron Diaz is not my cup of tea. Sorry, something about being touched by A-Rod just gives me a really scuzzy feeling. He’s getting made fun of by the sports media, and probably rightfully so. I’m sure his team is going to have some fun with him and rightfully so. But in his defense (and I am usually the last to defend A-Rod), that WAS Cameron Diaz.

In honor of Cameron Diaz feeding A-Rod, I decided to come up with my own list of who I would like to feed me popcorn.

10. Megyn Kelly-I know she is the enemy, but she doesn’t need to engage me in political discussions. Just look hot, blond and feed me popcorn. And then we’ll talk sports, movies and the snacks we’re eating. Like popcorn.

9. Yvonne Strahovski-Sarah on “Chuck” and one of the most beautiful women on television. I can tell you the very moment I became infautated with her. If it was not the first episode of Chuck, it had to be the second one. She was dressed in her pig tails, and the skirt and caused me shudders in places I hadn’t known shudders before.

8. Nina Dobrev-My CW actresses on this list are brief so bear with me. My wife and I started watching Vampire Diaries a few weeks ago and since then, she has forsaken everything else in the world so she can watch it. And say what you want about the Salvatore brothers, but Dobrev on this show definitely makes this a pleasant experience. I would take any popcorn she tried to feed me.

7. Allison Brie-An actress who cut her acting chops on Hannah Montana, Brie has proven her versatility by playing the roles of Trudy Campbell on Mad Men and Annie Edison on Community. This season on Community she wore a red kimono. That was the moment she made this list. If you saw it, you know what I am talking about.

6. Gabrielle Union-I still remember the first time I saw Gabrielle Union. It was Bring It On. Before you ridicule me, Eliza Dushku Kirsten Dunst in a cheerleading movie. ‘Nuff said. I was immediately smitten with Ms. Union and learned her name and have been madly infatuated ever since. What’s crazy is that this woman is 38 and doesn’t look a day over 25 still.

5. Jenny Wade-Honey Pie from the “Feast” movies, Liz Traynor from “The Good Guys” and she was on some show called “Reaper.” ( I hate Tyler Labine so I never watched it.) She is very funny in real life (No, really, check out her Twitter feed) and I think would make whatever moment I spent with her unforgettable.

4. Olivia Munn-For a minute, take away the hotness. You have a funny geek. For geeky men, the geekier, the hotter. Daily Show correspondent, Maxim cover girl, cast member of Perfect Couples, what a perfect package. Did I mention she’s really hot?

3. Arianny Celeste-There are fewer more beautiful women. Who has a better job in the world than a woman who walks around in a bikini every five minutes, gets to sit, wear a robe, drink her official bottled water and wave at the camera when they walk by? And if I was sitting in a luxury box with her, if the woman wanted to give me popcorn, I’d let her.

2. Christina Hendricks-By far one of the most beautiful women on television, known as the legendary Joan Holloway on Mad Men and one of the greatest feminine figures (both as a character and a body) in television history. She’s exquisite on “Mad Men” and even more exquisite when not playing Joan.

1. My wife- Of course, with that beautiful smile and golden hair, there’s nobody else in the world I would rather spend a romantic evening with. I also love her company and getting to explain to her really important things, like where the designated hitter stands on the field or that fielders have a choice of who they can tag out. She’s so adorable and I love her so much. Plus, nobody looks hotter in a Chase Utley shirsey.

Only problem here… I don’t like popcorn. Oh, well. If any of these women tried feeding me popcorn, I’d let them nonetheless.

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