Why I’m Mad at TNA

One of my favorite performances in all of film is Peter Finch in “Network.” That iconic film is known for a lot of moments, but most notably, the one here. The thing is I’m that mad now. There’s a wrestling company I’m that mad at, and that’s TNA.

You see, there seems to be two sides of TNA. There are the workers who are going out there, giving EVERYTHING and providing good in-ring work. We can call this the Dr. Jekyll. And then there is a cancer in the group. We’ll call this the Mr. Hyde. There is a creative team there that has no coherence or “watchability.”

You see, last night, I watched a tag team that I knew both wrestlers really well but had never seen both together. Most of you will probably laugh when I tell you this was my first time to see them as a tag team because they’ve been the best tag team in wrestling. They are the Motor City Machine Guns. I, of course, remembered TNA when Chris Sabin began his climb to the top of the X-Division and Alex Shelley was Kevin Nash’s cameraman. But I had never seen them as the MCMG. I had heard of Generation Me and wanted to see them in action. And I was blown away. You give me a Generation Me/MCMG every time, I will watch your product for ever.

But see, when I watch TNA, I don’t just get that. I get incoherent storylines. I get people way beyond their prime trying desperately to be relevant. And I get wrestlers who are the WWE’s “sloppy seconds.” Not my idea of entertainment.

And then there is the even more gruesome. Currently, the Angles and the Jarretts are involved in a storyline based off their real-life situation. When I want to watch people fight over custody of children and such, I will watch Maury Povich or Jerry Springer. I don’t like real life in my wrestling. I don’t want to see Lita miscarry. I don’t want to see Eddie and Rey fight over his son’s custody. I don’t want to see Tyler cane his dad The Sandman. Right now, I don’t want to watch any product that has a storyline based on the Angle-Jarrett garbage. That is too close for me to real life.

I refuse to watch TNA out of respect to the Angle and Jarrett family. I also refuse to watch based on the nonsensical storylines. It bothers me-no, scratch that-it makes me mad that I want to watch a product so much, and I just can’t handle it because it makes me so mad. It hurts me that wrestlers throw their proverbial pearls (great in-ring work) to swine (TNA Management).

Why can’t you DVR it? Why can’t you just watch the section you want to? Why don’t you just not watch?

I could DVR it, but TNA comes on during The Mentalist and Private Practice (my wife’s show, not mine) and 30 Rock. Right now, I’m having to sacrifice one show as it is. And which one of those are worth abandoning for TNA Impact?

I can’t watch the section I want to, because in the commentary of those matches, there is the insane bleating of commentators pimping some storyline I care nothing about or, quite possibly, offends me. And I look at TNA as something with so much potential, but finds itself never quite living up to the hype. It’s like watching the first 15 minutes of Intervention. There is something that could be so much more. It hurts to watch.

And I don’t watch. I don’t watch the product. The last DVD I bought of theirs was the first Samoa Joe-Kurt Angle match. I can’t tell you the last time I watched an episode of Impact! (Actually, I can. Petey Williams didn’t burn the American flag, and turned babyface for no reason.) I will support the workers if they make it to my local indy (as I did with AJ Styles), but the TNA product as a whole, I am done with. And it hurts me to say so.

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One Response to Why I’m Mad at TNA

  1. I really enjoyed this. I feel your pain precisely, and it’s been so difficult to explain why I’m actually angry about it. Since you’ve been checking out the BWF site recently, you might want to read this, which was a similar topic:

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