Boxing Preview 3-7-11

Japan is putting together a nice card on Monday night at legendary Korakuen Hall.

Junichiro Kaneda (21-4-1) vs. Yuichi Hamanaka (12-8)

This is a 2-star fight according to Both fighters are fighting in their hometown, so no one gets that edge. Both have won 4 of their last 6. Kaneda has more fights, so he gets the experience edge. Kaneda also has a higher percentage of knockouts. I’m going with Kaneda for the win.

Koki Eto (8-1) vs. Suriya Chuwattana (12-9)

Eto’s record may look impressive, but none of his opponents have ever fought more than 10 fights. Chuwattana is a Thai fighter, so Eto gets the hometown edge. Eto has won 5 fights in a row compared to Chuwattana’s 1, so he also gets the momentum edge. And Chuwattana’s last loss, that was in Japan. Chuwattana has the experience edge. Eto has a higher knockout percentage. I’m thinking it’ll be Eto winning.

Masahide Shinabe (5-6-2) vs. Noppo Nagashima (8-6)

How this even got a star is beyond me. Nagashima has the hometown advantage. Shinabe has a higher knockout percentage. (Nagashima has never scored a knockout.) Nagashima has more momentum with 3 of his last 5. Shinabe needs this one more. I’m going to go with Shinabe for the upset.

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