A Ruff State of the WWE 3-8-11

Well, last night was a very solid Raw. There were some head-scratching moments of idiocy, but such is life. There were some nice surprises and some moments that will live forever.

My positives:

-I loved the Stone Cold segment. It was funny, surprising and even though it was nostalgia, it sold the Pay-Per-View. I did not see JBL coming. JBL entered in his old school longhorn limo, came out and reminded us of how much we missed him. I know he wasn’t the greatest of all-time, but he was great on the mic and always found a way to make the crowd hate him. And then Stone Cold coming out and giving JBL the stunner was great. It didn’t sacrifice any current talent (and if it did, I don’t remember it ), sold the match at the PPV and it sold Tough Enough. Even my wife woke up for that.

-Sunny going into the Hall-of-Fame. This is a full blog for another time. Very good decision by the WWE.

My negatives:

-What the %$#@ was that match with Sheamus and Daniel Bryan? I’m not upset about the count-out. I’m just upset about the length. It seems like an after-thought. Like Sheamus made fun of Kevin Dunn’s mother and so now he has to pay. But don’t worry. I’m sure he’ll be pinning a TNA original in no time. Maybe Doug Williams. I know that you can’t jerk off to his tan or anything, but the man is a great heel and could be a big star. I think Sheamus deserves better. Maybe it’s because I’m pasty white, but I would like to see him succeed.

-I’ve already written about why I do not like Michael Cole. I’m warming up to the character. I just think he’s not the right person to be that character. I am embarrassed that somebody in the WWE thought it was ok that the Divas match was treated like a joke. The Divas are not the biggest draws, but they are as important as the WWE makes them out to be. An announcer should never under any circumstances whatsoever treat a match as anything less than important. I’m not saying we have to be Tony Schiavone and treat every match like the greatest in wrestling history. But just give credit to the ladies working their a**s off in the ring. I understand what they did. It just hurt their product.

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3 Responses to A Ruff State of the WWE 3-8-11

  1. Michael Cole’s interruption of the Divas match would have played better (as far as the intent of doing it) if more legitimate athletes were wrestling at the time. If Beth Phoenix and Natalya were having a match, it would be obvious that Cole was just being a tool. It’s difficult NOT to agree with him when the match in question involves the Bella twins.

  2. G says:

    The Cole thing was amazingly wrong. I can’t disagree, because I do not. I won’t lie to you, I actually laughed. I could not believe how much they were burying this division with his promo. As a legend of the IWC Zah would do, I shook my head.

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