MPX-The Promised Land 3-26-2011

Well, MPX tried running more than one show in a month. The crowd wasn’t AS packed. It was still a pretty decent showing. The crowd seemed lifeless at one point, but they eventually warmed up. Tonight was an important night for storylines and there were some angles that I didn’t even know what was happening next. (After watching wrestling for 15 years, there’s not a lot that gets by me.)

We had Kyle Davis as the ring announcer. He was such a natural.

First match: Wally Darkmon vs. Viktor Tadlock

The two have worked before and you could tell it with their chemistry. Claudia came out to observe. I’ve talked before that Wally is great at getting the crowd going. But Tadlock was also equally great at getting the crowd going. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a heel that good at getting the crowd up. The crowd started out rather lifeless, but this match got the crowd going. Ring of Honor, if you ever want to do Grizzly Redwood’s city cousin, get Wally Darkmon. It would be worth it. The lights went out, and there was a hooded figure on the apron. Arcane took off his hood and red misted Wally. Tadlock got the pin.

Winner: Tadlock

Arcane took the mic and cut a short but sweet promo. Apparently, Arcane is Batman’s voice from The Dark Knight. We have a new stable or tag team named Nemesis. Tadlock is a nice addition, as he looked like Rhino last night. Is this a stable or a tag team? This is another question that needs to be answered.

Second match: Triple Threat Kenny Steele vs. Matt Palmer vs. Ben Wylde

So this match was a continuation in the Steele-Wylde feud. This ended up being a match-of-the-year candidate and, quite possibly, one of the greatest matches I’ve ever seen live. Kenny Steele told a little girl to shut up in the front row. This made him the most hated man in the arena. The last wrestler I knew that did that was Lance Hoyt (early Shadow days). In about 3 seconds into the match, Palmer realized that Wylde & Steele wanted to kill each other, so he wasn’t going to get his hands dirty. After chilling on the turnbuckles, he BOUGHT SOMETHING FROM THE CONCESSION STANDS!!! This was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Then he ate the popcorn while the other two fought. This made total sense from a logic standpoint. Every company should bring in Matt Palmer to be a 3rd man in a triple threat match. It will be awesomeness. Palmer could lose all day and he’d still be able to win the crowd back over. (The wrestler I would compare him most to is Colt Cabana.) That being said, he did win.

Winner: Palmer

Steele attacked Palmer brutally with a chair. After this match, Palmer was over like Jeff Hardy in 2000. Since Steele repeatedly attacked him, he is now the #2 heel in the company (with respects to Arcane).

Third match: Hunks 4 Hire (c) vs. Jinn & Zero the Antihero

Lucha was originally scheduled for this match, but was still coming off of a concussion, so props to Zero for jumping in there. The crowd seemed to be more into the Hunks than Jinn/Zero. I was a little confused by the match. It would have been nice to explain why Zero was in this match, maybe Lucha cutting a quick promo of why he was out. I don’t recognize Jinn’s mask. That is good. The next step is to get Lucha a mask that’s not Cibernetico’s. The Hunks 4 Hire did a sick-looking finisher and got the pin.

Winner: Hunks 4 Hire

Fourth Match: Brent Masters vs. $Payday$ in a lumberjack match

This was a complex and multi-layered match, so forgive me if I forget an aspect. Masters started this out with a promo that really didn’t make sense, about how he would rather be home playing his X-Box, but at one point, he said he hated Bedford and that got the crowd going. And I get his shtick. He’s JT Smith-like from the old ECW days. He also doesn’t ever need to win because he can just “write it off.”

You had heels on one side and faces on the other. There were lots of feuds intertwined. Claudia walked out with newly-formed Nemesis and started antagonizing Kate. Kate slapped her and Claudia fell down on the mat. If Claudia still knew her name later that night, I would be surprised. It looked brutal. Carlos Esquivel was one of the heels. And the two little kids who love $Payday$ were near me. They were cheering for $Payday$ and Carlos told them $Payday$ couldn’t pay his rent. It was hilarious and very heelish. There were some cringe moments, but such is the world of indy wrestling. In the end, $Payday$ scored the pin.

Winner: $Payday$

The intermission was nice, as I learned not to buy the cheapest chair from Wal-Mart, as it had no arms and did not cover my frame.

Fifth match: WASP & Kyle Valo vs. “Headbanger” Gregory James & Kate Carroll in an Intergender Match

First of all, I HATE intergender matches. I’m big about not promoting violence against women. VERY carefully booked, this wouldn’t have been bad, and I feel it was very carefully booked. The introductions actually made me smile. Kyle was basking in the adoration of the fans, and then WASP tapped him on the shoulders and pointed out they were playing his music. Then Headbanger and Kate came out and they had their little pose. It was very adorable. The intergender matches I hate are Vince-Stephanie, AAA, Brock Lesnar-Stephanie. The crowd was really into it. And in a moment where Kate grabbed WASP, the Headbanger attacked him and Kate fell on top of him. Headbanger put the pressure there for Kate to get the pin.

Winner: Headbanger & Kate (from here on known as HBK)

Sixth match: Kris Haiden vs. Ca$h & Carry

This match was supposed to be Haiden vs. Matt Andrews for the title, but Andrews was “injured.” He came out with the crutches and had a doctor’s note that said he had a fractured coccyx bone. That is a legit bone. My wife the nurse confirmed it. Instead, Haiden’s opponent was going to be Cash & Carry. The only thing I hate almost as much as intergender matches are handicap matches (Unless it’s like The Big Show, Giant Silva or Andre the Giant fighting The Gambler, Jose Luis Rivera or Sho Funaki). Haiden got out a table that looked like it had seen better days. The handicap match was what it was. Haiden ended up winning by using one of Andrews’ crutches for the win.

Winner: Haiden

So at least it wasn’t a clean pin. What I hate is when John Cena pins the tag team champions cleanly. I don’t think Cash & Carry lost any thing other than a match. And Zach went through the table. You can tell it was “Baby’s First Table” because people wearing Zach’s t-shirt got up and took pictures. A guy who goes through a table is always my MVP of the night.

Seventh match: Matt Andrews (c) vs. James Hawke

Mike Dolenz cames out and made this match. James Hawke announced his family was in the front row. Things you can bank on in wrestling. Jim Ross will be humiliated in Oklahoma City. Jerry Lawler will wrestle in Memphis. And the guy who points out his family is in the front row will lose. Hawke cashed in his title shot. I would have liked to see Haiden agree, but he would want his title shot either way. By that time, I was kind of worn out emotionally, but I found myself unsure of who was going to win. This does not happen to me often. It ended up being Andrews who won via some interference from Frankie Fisher.

Winner: Andrews

And then Frankie attacked Hawke and humiliated him in front of his family. The biggest pop of the night was Hawke’s sister or wife (Sorry, couldn’t tell which one slapped Frankie.)

Overall, very fun. Though I was worried about a few things, everything turned out well. The next show is the one-year anniversary so I hope they make that special.

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