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So this is about one tiny place in Trophy Club called Cristina’s. I love going there and will continue to go there for ages. It’s probably my favorite local Tex-Mex place, with respects to La Familia in Roanoke. I do have some fun memories from that place. When my wife was in her first or second trimester, we ate at the one in Southlake. I found something called “Enchiladas del Mar.” It was a no-brainer for me. For those of you who don’t know Spanish, that’s Seafood Enchiladas (Actually, Sea Enchiladas, but I don’t wanna be TOO picky.). So in my ignorance over the effects that would have on a pregnant woman, I got Seafood Enchiladas. Yep, I ended up gaining the title of worst father-to-be ever.

It’s a few miles away from my work, so when it’s time to go out on a Friday night, I meet my wife and daughter up there. My daughter is nearly 2 and loves chips and salsa, the cups the salsa comes in, stirring and whatever Daddy is eating (that last one she picked up from Mommy). My wife has never turned down Mexican food. Ever. Going there is a no-brainer. The one in Trophy Club is beautiful. The décor there is beautiful. The hostesses are always lovely and courteous. I’m usually greeted well by my waiter. And I love the obligatory person who walks over and hands you chips and salsa. (I have decided I want that job when I retire.)

This past Saturday night, we had our usual nice experience. The night couldn’t have started any better. My daughter was dipping anything she possibly could into the salsa. She put chips, a fork, the crayon from the kids menu in there. It’s a good thing I saved the salt shaker. Our waitress was courteous and never let my cup get below 2/3 empty (or 1/3 full if you’re an optimist). But here is where it changed.

I’m a creature of habit. I always get the same thing. At Olive Garden, I get Spaghetti & Meatballs with Pasta e Fagoli. At Logan’s Roadhouse, it’s the 8 oz. sirloin, medium rare, double mac & cheese. At Genghis Grill, I always have the same combination: meats and tomato sauce with “Steak House Blend” seasoning. At Arby’s, it’s a big roast beef sandwich, a regular one and a large Pepsi. At Cristina’s, I have the Seafood Quesadillas, just seafood, cheese and tortilla (and the guacamole on the side, as my wife has trained me to do).

I know my food. When I bite into something, I know what it should taste like. This particular night, I took a bite and all I tasted was seafood. Now you must understand something about me. I’m pretty easy-going when it comes to my food. If I order a steak and it’s a little on the medium side, rather than medium rare, I don’t ever say anything. It’s not like there’s a steak in Bureau of Weights and Measurement that says “This steak is “rare, medium rare, etc.” When I order something wrong, my wife tells me. If I misread the menu, I have no problem admitting that. I also don’t say, “I’m sorry. This isn’t enough cheese” or whatever. I won’t argue with a waiter/waitress over the bill either. Waiters/waitresses can make mistakes. It’s how they overcome them that is a true test of where we go from there.

This night, all I had in my quesadilla was seafood and tortilla. I’m usually very non-confrontational when it comes to things not quite being perfect in my food. But there was no cheese on my quesadilla. There are fewer things I take more seriously. And this could have been handled perfectly. The waitress could have said, “Oh, I’m sorry. Let me take that back for you.” When I told the waitress there was no cheese on it, she told me that the cheese was white and you really couldn’t see it. Apparently this cheese is so special, you can’t see it OR taste it.

Other than that, the waitress did a splendid job of taking care of my family and I. This was just a poorly-handled situation and could have been handled so much easier. Also, the entire staff has always been courteous and special to my family and myself. I’m not posting this to embarrass the poor girl, otherwise I would have named her. Waitresses, people in customer service everywhere, please take note and understand.

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