My Most Memorable Heel Turns

Last night, R-Truth turned heel on John Morrison in one of the best heel turns I’ve ever seen. Ron Killings was originally one of the best things about TNA (though don’t be too proud of that; he was competing with “a midget… beating off… in a twath can” <-Dusty Rhodes voice). Everything about it was brilliant (except it maybe went on a little too long). Just when you thought he was done, he’d attack Morrison again. This needed to be done, as R-Truth was being rejected like a bad kidney. The bar I watch PPV’s at, they treat R-Truth like he just slaughtered a seaful of puppies and kittens. The crowd wanted to boo him and, unlike “The Confederate Warrior” John Cena, WWE gave the crowd what they wanted. In a matter of seconds, R-Truth went from “Mother of God, make it stop!” to “This is the greatest wrestler in WWE history.” I’m not sure about the cigarettes, and there is a little bit of an irony to the anti-smoking thing being, but R-Truth smokes. I wonder if this is a veiled shot at them. And it worked for The Sandman ages ago, so why not now?

In honor of this really great heel turn, I have come up with a list of my most memorable heel turns, some great, some memorable because of the effect they had on me.

  1. The Radicalz-(Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Eddy Guerrero & Perry Saturn) As a result of Kevin Sullivan becoming the booker in WCW, these 4 jumped to the WWE. While I am still processing how Benoit’s life ended, at the time, he was my biggest hero in wrestling. And of course I loved Malenko, Guerrero & Saturn, too. When the Radicalz turned on Mick Foley, I was sick to my stomach. My hero had turned on my other hero.
  2. Hulk Hogan-WCW Bash at the Beach ’96. I know that moment without having to look it up. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash were running rampant all over WCW. Nash & Hall challenged WCW to a 6-man match featuring a yet-to-be-6th man. WCW brought about Sting, Lex Luger & Macho Man. After a long match, Hulk Hogan started walking to the ring. The crowd was going nuts. They wanted to see their hero go take out this evil Hall and Nash. And he didn’t. He joined them. He became “Hollywood” Hogan and children were crying in misery over their hero turning on WCW. I think the greatest moment was in “Muppets in Space” when Hogan was about to take Rizzo the Rat somewhere and Hogan said. “Haven’t you heard? I’m a bad guy now.”
  3. Chris Jericho-Chris Jericho in WCW was WWE’s Evan Bourne on steroids (personality-wise, not actual physical ‘roids). He was that sugary-sweet babyface. (I personally loved his music.) When it got time for him to turn heel for the first time, this was a very slow build. He started throwing a temper-tantrum after he would lose. Then he tore the jacket off the ring announcer. Then he showed up the next week with the suit altered and dry cleaned saying it would never EEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRR happen again. Then match by match it built up and was born the great heel Jericho: The Man of 1,004 Holds (most of which were armbar), the guy who would wear his belt at airports and wrestle matches with it on. I loved babyface Jericho. But I loved to hate heel Jericho so much more.
  4. Bret Hart-This was another slow build that the crowd had wanted to see. In ’97, the crowd was tired of sugary-sweet babyfaces like Bret Hart and wanted to cheer the guy who drank beers, flipped everybody off and stunned everybody cold. Wrestlemania XIII was a brutal match between Bret Hart and Stone Cold. But Hart had begun the build-up a few months earlier. There was the cage match on Raw where Hart lost and cussed up a storm we haven’t heard on Raw since. He kept on whining about how he had been screwed and Austin simply said, “Suck it up.” In the Wrestlemania match, there was lots of Austin’s blood and Hart still wouldn’t release the hold. And thus was born the Anti-American Hart Foundation, featuring Anvil, Owen & Davey Boy (who we all wanted to see feud) & Brian freakin’ Pillman.
  5. Christian-Around the time of the Alliance, there were so many great heel turns. Stone (What?) Cold (What?) Steve (What?) Austin is the most obvious one. ECW, WCW, DDP stalking Sara Undertaker were a few others. One of my favorites was Christian. Edge had won King of the Ring and ended up getting a trophy for it that year. (Why he got that trophy? Your guess on that is as good as mine.) Christian used to carry the trophy around for Edge. As a fit of jealously, Christian finally turned on Edge. Thus was born the greatest entrance in WWE history. “Christian… Christian… At last you’re on your own.”

What are yours? What did I miss? Love to hear your feedback.

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5 Responses to My Most Memorable Heel Turns

  1. Kiel says:

    Another great blog entry. I agree with all of these, especially the Bret Hart turn which i think was underrated A few that were memorable for me:

    Savage turning on Hogan in ’89 ending The Mega Powers

    HBK putting Marty Jannety through the barbershop window in one of the most memorable WWF/E moments ever.

    Vince screwing Bret created the Mr McMahon character so i think it deserves a mention

    The Rock becoming ‘The Corporate Champion’ at the ’98 Survivor Series

    Stone Cold at Wrestlemania 17 was unexpected

  2. shamgaranath says:

    Great ones, all of them.

    I forgot about the Rock becoming The Corporate Champ.

    HBK putting Jannetty was big, but I wasn’t watching then.

  3. Kevin Jeffrey says:

    —Hogan turning at Bash at the Beach and setting up the nWo angle in WCW,
    —Andre on Hogan to set up WM3 main event,
    —Orndorff on Hogan – Excellent story telling and believable anger in the turn,
    —Shawn Michaels on Marty Janetty – Setting up a great 15 year run as a singles wrestler
    —Barry Windham turning on Lex Lugar in a tag match vs. Anderson and Blanchard that welcomed Windham into the Four Horsemen
    — Road Warriors attack Dusty Rhodes with one of the metal spikes from their shoulder pads

  4. #3, 4, and 5 would definitely be on my list. I remember watching when Jericho first showed up in WCW, and I was a huge fan right away. Looking back on it now, the drawn-out nature of his heel turn was a true thing of beauty. Christian’s turn gave us one of the greatest lines of commentary ever spoken. During his entrance, Paul Heyman interrupted JR with, “SHHHHHH!!! JR, I’m listening to the opera!” I shall remember that forever. 🙂

  5. G says:

    It was an interesting change for Truth. I agree, it was highly entertaining. I wonder a lot about the long term, and if we will look back at this one as the ones in your list… and the many good ones in the comments. I liked the fact that the controversy over the smoking aspect came into play. That will generate a buzz, and help make Killings more hated. I liked the water bottle bit as well. I just wonder what and where this will go in the long term. Without getting into all the dirt sheet info, and his status with the company lately… and your noted facebook comment on the conspiracy! Ha ha!

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