A Tale of Two Subways

On a Monday night, I asked my wife what she wanted for dinner. She asked me what I wanted. Then I asked her what she wanted. 31 minutes, 28 seconds later, we decided on Subway. I generally like to go to Subway because it has healthier options that still taste ok. I like the wheat bread and light mayonnaise. My wife likes that she can get her sandwiches customized just how she wants. Right now they have the $5 special that the bacon, egg & cheese on flatbread. My wife loves it with Chipotle sauce. For her, you pile on the chipotle sauce until you can no longer. Then you pour a little bit more and she’s happy.

I pulled into my first Subway and I walked into the line. At this point, my leg is acting up again and it hurts to stand in a line. This is a part of life I endure, but understand if I wait through a line, it is not a little thing. The child working at this Subway (and this is a Subway I have been to before and have built a rapport somewhat with their sandwich people) was new to me. I stood in line, and there were two people in front of me. One was wearing a polo and some jeans and looked like he worked in a manual environment. The guy behind him was wearing business slacks and a collared button-down shirt, nicely ironed, the look of a businessman. The child behind the counter was done with jean guy and said to the businessman, “And for you?”

Usually this is a phrase I use when people are together. Like the waiter is going around the table. I thought it was odd that these two were together, but I’ve learned that life is like a box of chocolates, etc. Well, the business man was helped and then the child greeted me, “And for you?”

Now there are places that do the greetings well and right. Cici’s Pizza always greets you (even though it sounds less and less enthusiastic the later it goes in the night). Arby’s usually greets you. Chick Fil-A has pretty much stellar service. And most Subways are going to greet you, too.   It’s not like some fast-food places where you greet them and say “I’d like to order food now.” I expect more out of a Subway employee, quite honestly, anybody else who talks with customers ever. You should greet somebody with “Hello, welcome to Subway. What can I get for you today?”

Then I told him what I wanted. I wanted the Bacon, Egg & Cheese special for $5. He told me they weren’t doing that anymore. There was a sign on the wall that said the Bacon, Egg & Cheese special was $5. If I remember my Business Law class, there was a sign that advertised THAT sandwich for THAT price. And they are required BY LAW to give me THAT sandwich for THAT price. He told me the sandwich was the Orchard Chicken Salad, which my wife loves, but that’s not what she had asked for. I didn’t call the child out for breaking the law. I just told him not to worry about me and left.

This was the Subway on my way home from work. I went to the one by my house instead. (The great part about the Fort Worth area is there are about 60,000 Subways.) Their toaster works about as well as an Easy-Bake Oven, they run out of Meatballs 5 minutes before I get there every time without fail, and my wife has to microwave every sandwich she gets there. But when I walk in, I feel important, they talk to me, and I know I won’t have a child refuse to give me a sandwich for an advertised price. When I want Subway next, guess which store I go to?

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2 Responses to A Tale of Two Subways

  1. G says:

    It’s funny how few Subways are alike. We’ve got a ridiculous number of them in Calgary, and when I order particular sandwiches, the variations of what they do is bizarre. Customer service being no exception.

    You would think with the types of sandwiches, certain aspects would be standardized like most fast food chains. A Big Mac is essentially the same anywhere you go in the world, yet a pizza sub seems to vary from location to location in just one city. Some places use two types of meats, where some only use pepperoni. Some put cheese on both pieces of bread, where others only on half. I still support the company, but find it baffling I have to go to a specific location to get a specific type of sub.

  2. Kiel says:

    At the McDonalds nearest to my home the guy taking the order once greeted me with “What?” i had my 2 year old niece with me and she was acting up a little like 2 year olds do, so i was taking a while to order, the guy says “today would be nice, there is a queue if you haven’t noticed” I asked to speak to the manager who refused to see me and sent out an assistant manager. I wrote a letter to their headquarters and got a letter of apology and a book of vouchers. Yeah, like i’m ever going to eat in one of your restraunts again.

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