I Need Your Help

Hello to my readers. I don’t asked this to be shared often. I do this writing thing for myself. Some people enjoy reading it, and I am happy that way. But I ask that you share this blog. I ask you to share this with anybody you know, especially if you are in Law Enforcement or the Press or any other part of the government where you can make a difference. There is a child predator on the loose and I need help to bring them down.

A few months ago, I created a parody Twitter account for my nearly 2-year-old daughter. She loves Dora the Explorer, so I followed an account at the below link:


What followed was some inappropriate conversations that I felt this account was having with my account about their outie belly buttons. I reported it to Twitter and Nickelodeon (that their copyright was being infringed upon). Nothing was done. All you can do is report them “as spam” to Twitter. Nickelodeon doesn’t care that somebody else is using their character to troll little kids into appropriate conversations.

I looked back at the account today and the talk has escalated. It is no longer about outie belly buttons. It’s about nipples and taking off panties.

There was also not an obvious place to report this to. My daughter was never harmed. All she knows about the computer is that “it’s the thing with all the buttons Daddy won’t let me touch.” But there are other kids who are probably old enough to be victims being taken in some wrong directions.

Twitter, you need to step up your game. There needs to be a place to report child predators. Nickelodeon, you need to protect your copyrights. I’m one little guy (not according to my doctor). I need help to bring this predator down.

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4 Responses to I Need Your Help

  1. Doug Magditch says:

    Justin, I was hoping to catch up with you today on this – shoot me an email doug.magditch@the33tv.com

  2. Rhett S. says:

    Why don’t you just block the DoraExplorer7 account? Go to their profile, click the little gear, click ‘Block DoraExplorer7’ and you’re done. No more messages.

    If you see an account for a popular character or actor and it doesn’t say ‘verified’ then it’s almost definitely a fake.

  3. sofia blaisdell says:

    All I can say that since your child is 2 she should have some dolls and some blocks to play with. Buy her a Dora doll.You put her on the internet and she cannot even read. You need to protect your child. Kepp her off the computer.

  4. shamgaranath says:

    My daughter does not touch the computer. This is a parody account. This is something I did on my own. Many people do this for their dogs, pets and celebrities.

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