Brownstone Review

Last night I had the privilege of celebrating my 5th year anniversary with my wife. Celebrating 5 years is a HUGE milestone nowadays (especially being married to me). So we couldn’t go JUST anywhere. I found a restaurant Executive cheffed (<—-I just coined that term.) by Casey Thompson, a former finalist on the 3rd season of Top Chef. Celebrity chef, downtown Fort Worth, how do I say no?

So my wife and I showed up and were very well-greeted by our hostess. It was still early enough on Friday night there was not too packed of a house. Seconds later we were greeted with this bottle of water. Then a guy brought us glasses with water. During the whole night, I kind of felt like Country Mouse visiting the big fancy restaurant with his cousin City Mouse. I’m not used to the fine dining. To me, fine dining is getting dessert at Olive Garden.

We were greeted by our waitress. I believe Ashley was her name. She greeted us and went over the specials with us. She was exemplary and had very good knowledge of the specials and the menu in general. She and I had an unspoken challenge. When I had taken more than two sips of my water, she would refill it. My goal for the evening was to make it to the bottom of my glass. I only made it once. My wife had some fruity Passion Fruit girl drink. It was strong. I just had coke, as that is all I need in life.

My wife ordered us an appetizer. We ate the Florida Rock Shrimp Cakes. I’m not much of an appetizer person. Save me some room for the food. But when we got these, from the first bite, it was love at first bite. They were pretty pricey, but again, I’m an old cranky white man. It took a while for us to get our food, but my wife ordered medium well steaks (something to do with “she took Microbiology” in school).

When we got our sirloins, we took our first bites and then time stopped. You know that ending scene of 40-Year-Old Virgin when they all sing “Age of Aquarius?” Those were my taste buds. It was the tastiest thing I had ever encountered in my life. It wasn’t just a Texas Roadhouse steak. There was a taste I had never had before. My wife said it was the tenderest steak she had ever had before. And then there was a side of Three Cheese Bacon Mac & Cheese. Or, as it should be known, “Angels Danced Around and Rejoiced in my Taste Buds.”

So, yeah, the food was a little pricey. But overall the place was very nice, and the food was not what you would have at any ol’ chain restaurant. The service was great. Any restaurant where the waitress calls me Mr. Ruff after the evening is exemplary in my book. I very strongly recommend this place.

For more information on the restaurant, click here.

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