Raw Prelude 7-18-11

I am going to try to out some words around something indescribable. This weekend, pro wrestling was the center of my universe for the first time in a long time. I had the chance to check out a local indy that was solid from top to bottom. Usually you have one or two matches that were “just there.” This was not one of those nights. I got to watch a GREAT heel turn and see a really good promo, a former WWE/TNA superstar, a fireball, a wrestler be unmasked and a Last Man Standing Match.

And then there was Money in the Bank. Sometimes, the highlight of my PPV has been the pepperoni pizza. But this was a packed house. It wasn’t quite standing room only, but there were some people without chairs. The whole night was built around one match. The Smackdown ladder match was great. Sin Cara took a “suspended for 30 days and not even HHH can save you” killer bump onto a ladder. Everybody looked good and benefitted greatly for that match. And Daniel Bryan won Money In the Bank! I originally thought that was going to be the olive branch to the Internet Wrestling Community. The divas matches and Henry-Show were good for what they were. Every time I see Kelly Kelly walk to the ring, my heart yearns for Sara del Rey.

The Raw Money in the Bank was insane. Every member looked like they were going to die. I really wanted Miz to win it. And when he was escorted to the back injured, I really, really wanted Miz to win. Had he walked away the winner, he might have gotten the second-biggest pop of the night. Christian-Orton was the same match we had seen 3 PPV’s in a row. So Christian won the belt. Yea. (ß Monty Python voice) He won’t have it long. It really should have been Daniel Bryan’s chance to cash in his Money in the Bank.

And then there was the main event. There was so much anticipation both for me and the people I was with in the bar there. When I heard that crowd reaction and saw Punk’s path to the ring, I got goosebumps. Do you know the last time I got goosebumps watching pro wrestling? Maybe Benoit winning the belt, Undertaker’s entrance at Wrestlemania XX. I don’t think I’ve been this emotionally-invested in a match for a long time. Maybe Undertaker-HHH from Wrestlemania.

And not only did I have skyrocketing blood pressure over this match, the match was good. It’s probably the best John Cena match I’ve ever seen. I knew Punk could go; I’ve seen the 93-minute match between Punk and Chris Hero. I didn’t know John Cena knew that many moves. Yes, the match seemed to drag on for a few minutes at the beginning, but then they built up so much drama. And then there was Vince coming out with Johnny Ace, which was the first time we’d ever seen the former Dynamic Dude in a storyline. I’d rather not see Mr. McMahon in this storyline, but it makes sense for him to be in there.

The week after “The Promo,” I really wanted to see the next live Raw. Tonight, I really, REALLY want to see Raw live.

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