Reflections on Raw 7-18-11

There is a lot to reflect on for last night’s Raw. Initially I hated the ending segment of Raw, and in my opinion, deservedly so. I saw it as the McMahons inserting themselves into whatever hot storyline they wanted to insert themselves into. This was nothing more than Stephanie buying ECW, Vince being the “Higher Power.” Whether you like the Anonymous Raw GM or not, you got to admit it keeps the McMahons off tv. They have continually proven that they do not drive ratings and are not a draw.

I’m torn. The McMahons were really stale and they took themselves off tv. It’s been a while since we’ve seen them on so it’s refreshing and it means something. It is very true that there was a lot of emotion and “real” drama from that scene with HHH and Vince. (Of course, if you had seen that suit he was wearing, his INsanity would not have come into question.) The crowd was chanting “Thank you, Vince.” The crowd seemed to buy it, which made it good enough for me. What makes last night’s segment from the McMahons of 6-8 years ago is that the person who would have taken over for Vince would have said to John Cena, “You’re fired” (in that 17-syllable way Vince does). This left questions. A serial needs to leave looming questions so we come back next episode.

Hey, TNA/Impact Wrestling/The Garbage Vince Russo Writes, notice how WWE said they were going to have an Earth-shattering announcement… And they did? Name something bigger than Vince McMahon being relieved of his duties. I think this is the biggest announcement storyline-wise since Shane McMahon bought WCW.

Is Miz on his way to a face turn? If he is, the WWE is doing a nice build to it. After Money in the Bank, I’m ready to cheer for him. I think the crowd might be ready, too. The Kofi-Miz match was really great, probably my match of the night. I really thought Kofi might win the match. Please give Kofi a nice feud. Honestly, I think 6 months or so on Smackdown, he can be a top name.

Rey-R-Truth, if they would let them do it, would be a pretty full feud. You have two polar opposites. Alberto del Rio is Rey’s current nemesis, especially taking off Rey’s mask. I’d rather see Del Rio feud with Cena, but I’ll see where they go for now.

I continue to like this John Cena. He’s honest, and you can tell he has such passion for pro wrestling. There were a few inside references, and it was the first time I ever heard TNA even referred to on WWE television. When he said, “Brother,” I dropped a few bombs and woke up my wife. Everything from Cena’s promo to Vince’s tears seemed “real.”

I have no idea where the WWE is going with their company, and that is as it should be.

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2 Responses to Reflections on Raw 7-18-11

  1. G says:

    My DVR opted not to record this while I was at work. Thanks to the miracles of the internet, I found streams.

    I enjoyed the plethora of in ring action, even though most of the viewers were tuning in to find out what the implications of Punk “leaving” were. It made sense to keep Punk off TV and further sell him taking the title with him. In that regard, it was a good thing to do. The problem here was the fact that we would have ended up with one title too many if and when Punk returns. I was glad that Vince postponed the finals as a result. They still may go that route, but for now it adds just one more reason to tune in next week.

    Now, it is clear that the character of Vince is stepping down from the position of power onscreen. It was a matter of time, and this works extremely well into the developing storyline. Why would a board of directors maintain confidence in McMahon if he was planning on firing their top money maker for merchandise AND allow the top title to be taken from them? Yes, we are mixing reality and kayfabe here folks, because we have to acknowledge these types of things since the main storyline is based on the blurring of kayfabe and reality. Hi yah Colt Cabana! Exactly. I like this element quite a bit. Looking forward to seeing how HHH plays into this next Monday.

    I liked both this, and the initial article Mr. Ruff. I don’t mind the Leavine stuff, it’s alright. I am a little concerned he will be rushed in, after all, the WWE only provided a high light package of his final match with Demott on TE. I realize that they have to keep people aware of his existence in some capacity… I suppose they could put him in a tag team or something to hide his shortcomings…

  2. ThinkSoJoE says:

    Far from the first TNA reference on WWE television. When Chris Harris was performing as Braden Walker on ECW, Matt Hardy said that he was a real “Wild Cat.” When Christian debuted (also on ECW), Matt Striker said that things were going to get “Instantly Classic,” a reference to Christian’s TNA nickname. Of course, this is the first reference that’s this direct.

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