Random Wrestling Rant #1

I know I call my blog Ruff’s Ramblings, but this may be my first Ruff Rant. There’s two things I need to yell at here.

First, Gene Snitsky. (http://www.wrestlezone.com/news/239281-snitsky-claims-miz-rant-was-due-to-his-twitter-being-hacked) Gene Snitsky went on a homophobic rant on “The Miz” on Twitter. Now, let me preface this by saying I am a Snitski-maniac. I love Gene Snitsky. Sure it’s in a “The Room” way, but the guy was a cult classic (not to be confused with “Classic Colt [Cabana]”). But let’s be honest. Hackers don’t care about Gene Snitsky. Hackers are going to hack people like Sarah Palin, Fox News, Britney Spears. If I was even going to hack a wrestler, it would be somebody like John Cena, the Rock, CM Punk, The Miz, Goldust (Of course, if he were hacked, would that make him nice?). Gene, I will say plenty of people care about you. But they don’t care enough about you to hack your Twitter account. Just be honest: You tweeted some homophobic comments about the Miz. Anything else other than “It wasn’t my fault.”

Second, Johnny Ace. (http://www.ewrestlingnews.com/headlines/WWE.com_Writer_Issues_Apology_To_John_Laurina.php) Let me tell you a little story, Johnny. In 1997-2001 or thereabouts, you had two “producers” (then called agents) who were used on-screen as henchmen for Mr. McMahon. The two main henchmen were Gerry Briscoe & Pat Patterson. They were good and funny and fit Mr. McMahon personality-wise. Remember the Briscoe Bros. Body Shop commercial? Remember the two having an evening gown match for the hardcore title? Remember how Gerry Briscoe would turn Mr. McMahon into a 9-syllable word?

These two had a name. They were called “stooges.” They were stooges of Mr. McMahon, the on-screen character. Nothing was ever said about behind-the-scenes. That word was in reference to their on-screen characters. So a writer on wwe.com was covering “Money in the Bank” and referred to John Laurinaitis as a stooge. If I understand the context of the story, the writer was referring to Laurinaitis as an on-screen character. Yet the writer wrote a public apology for calling Johnny Ace a stooge. Really? (<—-Miz voice) Is Road Warrior Animal’s brother’s skin THAT thin that he couldn’t handle being referred to as a stooge in a www.wwe.com article? This is a top executive in a publically-traded, NYSE-listed company. And he can’t take his on-air character being called a stooge? Johnny Ace, grow up.

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