A Ruff Look at Raw

Last night we were greeted to another really nice Raw. I’m liking this… tentatively. I’ve sat through too many non-followed-up-on angles to plunge all my trust into this version of the creative team. I hated John Cena winning the belt. I really wanted to see somebody else hold the belt, even if it was Rey. The WWE needs to be able to place their eggs in more than one basket than John Cena.

With respect to the late Gordon Solie, Jim Ross is the greatest play-by-play guy of all-time. And with respect to Gorilla-Heenan, JR and Jerry Lawler are the greatest combination of commentators of all-time. Stop trying to replace Jim Ross. He’s done nothing more than give everything to the company. And the company has done nothing more than defecate into his proverbial mouth. Let Jim Ross do what he does best: Call wrestling with Jerry Lawler. Let him go out on his terms.

I liked that they had CM Punk out there with the real belt. I was enjoying him make random appearances. I certainly hope they continue to do that. Wrestling has been fun to watch because of that. And notice the tension between the two of those. My only concern is What is going to be at Summerslam?

I was having a hard time choosing what t-shirt I wanted: El Generico, Sheamus, Kofi Kingston, $Payday$. Now thanks to Punk, it just got a little harder.

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One Response to A Ruff Look at Raw

  1. ThinkSoJoE says:

    Yeah. I think I’m down with getting the Punk shirt, which is weird because I don’t really wear light colors, but that shirt is just way too cool to pass up.

    I hate the fact that Cena walked out of RAW officially the WWE Champion, but I can completely understand why it was done. Of course, we should assume that Rey Mysterio will be getting a rematch between now and SummerSlam, with the winner (likely Cena) going on to face Punk in, I’d presume, a ladder match to determine who the real WWE Champion would be. Still, the desire to see what happens next will keep us tuning in week after week so long as this storyline stays hot, and with CM Punk, how could it not?

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